Ya Gallery Art Center, Kiev: Prism Tranquility

Prism Tranquility. Oleksandr Kadnikov

11.06 – 29.06.13

PREMATURE FALL, from series CRIMEARUBBER, 2010, digital print

Ya Gallery Art Center presents new Oleksandr Kadnikov’s project Prism Tranquility as part of Vizii: International Visual Culture Festival. The photo project consists of works created in 2005-2013 and exhibited for the first time. According to the author, this is an exhibition experiment, that with the help of photo installation embodies the idea of the world’s fluidity. Photographs are also fluid – a statement highlighted by water containers where  the images will gradually dissolve and finally disappear by design of the author.

Series 1: Margin of Safety

Doubt between past and future makes us present and ephemeral at the same time. It is impossible fly to winter in the golden cell. Well rule equilibrate by skyline with bleached sailboat on it. We successfully learned how to sharpen drop on a stone. Glass of HTWOO and full mouth of water contain the same information about outward things. Death is not a fiction. There is no joy in own beds, and now happiness in others’ beds. The phrase "to find a mare's nest" is not logical as far as we are all pounding water in a boiling pot, and not waiting for the desired portion of. Water in its core has three hypostasises, and this means it is impossible to lost your way in it. The main question remains: “Do you need to open the door if strangers with an empty bracket are persistently knocking in it?


Crimea is terra incognita, lost in time and space.
Crimea is a right melting pot of epochs and languages.
Crimea is the birthplace of centaurs in the distant past, and in the recent – an all- Soviet resort.
Crimea is a ding-dong and a reference point of our mentality.
Crimea is the color for solitude and vine blood on tap.
Crimea is an arrow shot towards the stray bullet.
Crimea is a palliative and a vertical inhibitor with a seagull jammed in a door peephole.
Crimea is a repetition of a silence-long journey.
Crimea is a multiplication table with any unknowns.
Crimea is sunken mirrors in the collective unconscious genesis.
Time is God’s will.
Swallowed the bagel, but couldn’t get through the hole.

text: Aleksander Holovokruh

Details of events «Vizii» festival on www.vizii.com.ua.

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