Ya Art Gallery, Kiev: Geo


25.04 – 15.05.12

Geo. Anton Logov

In his new project the artist is exploring earth as a part of geometry in the modern perspective on urbanism and human nature. Human aggression turns earth into abstract geometry. “The project unites earthly, geological resources (metals, silver, gold) in the concept of a modern city, and glazing as a technique represents a view from above and distance”, – states Anton Logov. Post-landscape works include only abstract elements as opposed to works of landscape painters and artist of previous epochs (Matisse, Rousseau, Turner, Bruegel). Installation on the terrace was created in cooperation with architect Maksym Stasko and uses non-functional elements of the space.

The project will be presented in the parallel program of First Kyiv International Biennale of Contemporary Art ARSENALE 2012.


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