Wozownia Art Gallery, Toruń: MIRROR

Paweł Olszczyński
/ Lustro

19.07 – 25.08.2013

OLSZCZYŃSKI Paweł, bez tytułu (lustro I), 2013, ołówek, papier, 65 x 40 cm

The fifth show in the cycle (Mis)understanding relates to the unstable boudary between creation and representation in art. The exhibition consists of drawings, which resemble mirrors. They seems to reflect each other. Only the fact, that they cannot reflect anything else exposes them as an imitation. The situation refers to Platonic theory of mimesis. Artists represent objects, but their effort is based on mistakes, cause they imitate in painting forms which already have been imitation of the idea. Blind surface of Olszczyński’s drawings is double distant from idea of the mirror, but it opens a space more mysterious than simple reflection in mirror.
Paweł Olszczyński was born in 1985 in Cracow. In 2010 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. He mainly draws, but his works exceed the traditional drawing. His works become objects, which they represent. Paweł Olszczyński works also as a graphic designer.

Art Laboratory 2013. (Mis)understanding
Curated by: Maria Niemyjska


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