Wozownia Art Gallery, Toruń: Afterimages and Trivial Objects

Tomasz Sobieraj, Leszek Żurek

Afterimages and Trivial Objects

19.07 – 25.08.2013
Curated by: Krzysztof Jurecki

Fot. Tomasz Sobieraj, „Obiekty banalne” (źródło: materiały prasowe organizatora)
The exhibition involves several dozen black and white photographs. They are taken with use of double or several exposition. It shows interesting problem which deals with the category of afterimage and esthetics of montage. Two artists have taken very similar photographs in the same time, but independently on each other.
Leszek Żurek was born in 1964. Overlapping of negatives in the cycle “My gardens” (2004), brought the atmosphere of the childhood. In the cycle “Afterimages” (2011) the artist reaches to the Henryk Strzemiński’s theory, but above all he shows archetypical places, marked with melancholy and evanescence. Double photographic exposition gives possibility of capturing afterimage, in which one image is clear and another one seems to come from the artist’s mind.
Tomasz Sobieraj was born in 1964. His cycle „Trivial Objects” (2011) consists of poetic photographs. Every photograph collects many views of the ordinary objects. Overlapped images unveil hidden value and symbolic meaning of the objects. This method refers to the Marcel Duchamp’s ready made. Every object can be piece of art, but its success depends on artist’s talent. Tomasz Sobieraj’s works tells us a melancholic or even catastrophic story, which corresponds to Witkacy’s philosophy.


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