White Unicorn Gallery, Klatovy: Transformations of the Earth

Miroslav Pacner / Transformations of the Earth

White Unicorn Gallery in Klatovy
6 April – 16 June 2013

Retrospective 1964 – 2012
This retrospective exhibition of works by Miroslav Pacner, a native of nearby Janovice nad Úhlavou, presents the artist’s works from the years 1964–2012.

Pacner is the author of numerous paintings and relief sculptures, as well as 82 architectural designs and projects for gardens, parks and public exteriors, and has had 92 exhibitions in the Czech Republic and abroad (including Paris/Centre Pompidou, Toulouse, Bremen, Munich, Bologna, and Moscow).

The exhibition is opened by Pacner’s informel paintings from the 1960s – his cycle dedicated to the mystery of the birth of life on planet Earth, his cosmic spaces, and his pasted, burnt, and crumpled silk paper from his series of old walls. The second part of the exhibition continues with works in which he let himself be inspired by the undulating relief-like surface of the earth across we walk without even noticing. Clay, sand, stone, overgrown with grass, arid, eroded by rain, and the surfaces of children’s games. Through his reliefs, Pacner reminds us that everything around us – even the simplest things – is worthy of our attention. They are like “death masks” of the earth, reliefs of the drama contained in square meters of earth. Birth and death – the eternal cycle of nature.

These paintings and reliefs are complemented by photographs and models of gardens, parks, and public spaces documenting Pacner’s work in nature, which has been his primary focus in recent years.


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