Victoria Art Center: MAROTTE


Victoria Art Center. Calea Victoriei 12c.

Opening: September 11,  2013, 7pm

Curators: Daniel Djamo & Marius Tanasescu

Artists: Otilia Babara (MD). Pedro Ferreira (PT). Daniel Gherca (RO). Amine Hattou (ALG). Olga Koch (DE). Aristotelis Marakgos (GR-UK). George Marinciu (RO). Gor Margaryan (ARM-DE). Andra Nedelcu (RO). Gabriel Stoian (RO). Vehanush Topchyan (ARM). Daria Vlasova (RU). Cristina Calinescu & Daniela Crosman & Mihaela Magopat (RO).

The marotte, as a vector of exploration, finds various modalities of appearance. The French term dada was already “swindled” and “squeezed” of significations for almost a century. We have this other homonym, marotte, which should find its own way in between profound study and monomania.

The selection presents an almost palpable uncertainty of the artist-obsession relation, as is the auto-referential approach of Olga Koch or the mnemo-traumatic one of Vehanush Topchyan.

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