Vernon Gallery: the opening of the Brueghel Family Exhibition in Wrocław

Opening of the Brueghel Family Exhibition: Masterpieces of Flemish Painting at The City Gallery in Wrocław. The exhibition is opened until 30.09.2013.

Photos by Kamil Zieliński, property of The City Gallery in Wrocław:

Vernon Gallery is taking part at the unique exhibition of Brueghel Family, as Art for public.

A civic association, Art for public brings art to the people and promote open cooperation with other galleries in the field of contemporary art. In this way and by combined effort we organize exhibitions of high-quality art by both, young and renowned artists. Our motto is ”Together we are more”.

The Breughel exhibition project (23 July – 30 September 2013) lays the foundation of the long-term cooperation between Art for public and Galeria Miejska Wroclaw and contributes significantly to strengthen mutual relations and interactions between the neighboring countries, Czech Republic and Poland.

More details about the exhibition:

Vernon Gallery

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