Vernon Gallery, Prague: Päivi Hintsanen & Timo Sälekivi – Presence

Päivi Hintsanen & Timo Sälekivi: Presence

27. 2. – 5. 4. 2014

Gallery Vernon, Janáčkovo nábřeží 21, Prague 5

This exhibition by two Finnish artists Päivi Hintsanen and Timo Sälekivi is the first one at the new location of Gallery Vernon – Janáčkovo nábřeží 21, Prague 5, situated on the Vltava river bank, a lively and attractive area for promenade, where we believe the gallery gets closer to its visitors.

The exhibition presents acrylic paintings by Timo Sälekivi and a 200 piece pigment ink print installation called Absent by Päivi Hintsanen. Sälekivi‘s and Hintsanen's works are made with different techniques, but they go well together. In their art, both artists situate somewhere between reality and fantasy; they are connected to each other by similar coincidence of realism and unrealism – and by subtle colour tones.

Hintsanen works with computer and uses different digital and analogical collage techniques to create pigment ink prints that take their place technically somewhere between photography and traditional print making. Usually the technique combines photography, scanned elements and painting. The installation Absent consists of 200 small pigment ink print portraits hanging from the ceiling by fishing line. The faces of portraits are seen with marks of time and material on them, and some of them have vanished under the surface completely.

Sälekivi works with acrylic painting but in very unique way, using printing technique in which by pressing heavy metal parts and other objects on canvas he creates textures for the paintings. The images depict imaginary world of bird-like creatures. Sälekivi uses existing elements of his surroundings as seeds for the visual aspects of his works – places and buildings in his hometown Jyväskylä and elsewhere in Finland. Changing things and combining elements like one would in a dream. Observing people, families going on about their lives in the streets, parks and such which transform into a world of a flock of black-cloaked vulture figures that he paints.

Mr. Timo Sälekivi (b. 1969), painter, visual artist

Ms. Päivi Hintsanen (b. 1970), visual and media artist

About Gallery Vernon

Gallery Vernon was founded in 2001 by its director, Monika Burian Jourdan. From the start, Vernon’s objective has been clear: to support quality contemporary art and present it to the public. Its vision is to place Czech and international art side by side as equal partners and look for links between artists who may never have met, but are nonetheless united by something.

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