3 – 9 May, 2012

On May 10, 6 p. m., the Review Room of VARTAI gallery will introduce the installation of objects by Tim Kliukoit (born 1984). In 2010, Tim graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts with a Bachelor’s degree in fresco mosaic. He has been constructing chamber-sized wall-mounted objects from scavenged or gifted items or trinkets acquired from flea markets. These objects largely depend on the look of the viewer and his/her ability to feel shape and facture through that look: by playing with the tradition of classical painting which is meant to create an illusion of different shapes and factures, Tim chooses materials with exclusive factures (glass, wood, fur, sateen, plastic, sandpaper) placed at different distances from the wall. The sight is very important for the display too: often, before beginning an object, Tim already knows the height where it should be mounted and the direction and angle of looking at it. Tim’s draws inspiration for his objects from the moments of intuitively perceived meaning. Such moments can be called casual miracles: nothing of importance happens, but one begins to see things in a different way. In April this year, Tim’s work Keli nauji žaislai (A Few New Toys, 2011) won the second place (the first prize was not awarded) in the competition exhibition “New Avant-Garde Object” curated by AV17 gallery in Vilnius.

Tim Kliukoit, Pocket, 2012, artificial skin pocket on underframe, 27 x 20 cm


Artists wishing to submit their artwork for the reviews should contact the gallery by e mail Personal presentations of artworks can be arranged for art collectors any day of the week. Please, arrange your visit in advance by contacting VARTAI gallery on the phone (+370) 5 2122 949 or by e mail

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