Vartai Gallery, Vilnius: Thursday review – Laura Grybkauskaitė (graphics)

Laura Grybkauskaitė, from series Aristocrats, 2011, oil pot pastel, 27 x 19,5 cm

Thursday review
Laura Grybkauskaitė (graphics)

10 – 16 May, 2012
Opening – 10 May, 6 p.m.

This Thursday, May 10, the Review Room of VARTAI gallery will introduce the series of drawings titled Aristocrats (Aristokratai) by the young graphic artist Laura Grybkauskaitė (born 1988).

Her works were already introduced in the Review Room in the autumn of 2011. The elaborate technique of mezzotint employed by the artist produces rich opaque black colour on the prints and she uses it sparingly and expediently to express her own abstract symbols on big white sheets of paper. Her major topics include the relationship between daily rituals and failure, which is interpreted by the artist in the context of progress, competition and tradition.

In terms of form, the series Aristocrats is the contrary of Laura’s works – it expresses the luxury of drawing and of rich and unexpected colour combinations. However, they by no means fail to reveal her talent for composition and the social character of the topics that are relevant to her. Oil pastel drawings are usually born from the emotionally powerful pictures from the family album or press, while the emotional weirdness of the pictures is highlighted through colour combinations and rough lines.

Contemporary art gallery VARTAI organises open reviews of artworks which introduce the latest works of a selected artist and analyse the genre, development, uniqueness and potential of his or her artwork.

Through the Thursday reviews, VARTAI gallery aims to collect and publicise the latest news on the works of contemporary artists, provide a more exhaustive introduction of the authors, promote works of acclaimed artists and discover new promising names.

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