VARTAI Gallery, Vilnius: Round (installation)

Illiustration: Raimonda Sereikaitė, Round, 2011, installation, h 230 cm, 100 cm

5 – 11 April, 2012

Opening – 5 April 2012, 6 p.m.

This week, the Review Room of Vartai gallery will introduce the latest work by the sculpture student Raimonda Sereikaitė titled Round. Here, her interest in the interaction between the piece of art, the space and the viewer gains a different perspective. While previous works would passively dominate in the space, this one invokes curiosity of the viewer. Notional codes of the material enable certain “reading” of the idea of the piece of art, but the author is playing with the expectations of the audience by changing the angle of the situation. Thus, the focus is shifted from the piece of art itself and the idea thereof to the studying of looking at and perception of art.

Contemporary art gallery VARTAI organises open reviews of artworks which introduce the latest works of a selected artist and analyse the genre, development, uniqueness and potential of his or her artwork.
Through the Thursday reviews, VARTAI gallery aims to collect and publicise the latest news on the works of contemporary artists, provide a more exhaustive introduction of the authors, promote works of acclaimed artists and discover new promising names.

Artists wishing to submit their artwork for the reviews should contact the gallery by e mail
Personal presentations of artworks can be arranged for art collectors any day of the week. Please, arrange your visit in advance by contacting VARTAI gallery on the phone (+370) 5 2122 949 or by e mail

21st THURSDAY. Summary
Opening – 10 April, 6 p.m.

Welcome to the gallery VARTAI exposition from 10th April to 15th composed of initiated continuous project "Thursday reviews" participants' works.
Artists' work reviews are open to the public every Thursday where the newest pieces of one artist are represented and artist's creation development, exceptionalism and potential are investigated. The reviews are organised in order to track and mark the creation pulse and tendencies of contemporary artists, especially young ones, and represent them to the society.
The 21st THURSDAY. *Summary* will let us see the works variety of introduced artists.

T. Gindrėnas, L. Grybkauskaitė, E. Grudzinskaitė, L. Selmistraitytė (graphic).
I. Ercmonaitė, S. Jakunskaitė, L. Jusionis, R. Povilaitytė (painting).
D. Kavaliauskaitė, M. Narbutaitė, V. Šileikienė (photography).
V. Drumžlytė, M. Jociūtė, I. Miler, R. Sereikaitė, M. Šnipaitė, J. Venclovaitė (installations/objects).
A. Anskaitis, E. Škarnulytė, J. Žvinklytė (video).

VARTAI Gallery
Vilniaus g. 39
LT-01119 Vilnius, Lietuva

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