23 – 29 May, 2013

Review 23 May, 6 pm.

Performace: II – V 16:00 – 18:00, VI 14:00 – 16:00

This Thursday, May 23, 6 pm, the Review Room of Vartai Gallery will introduce the performance ONĖMONĖ by Monika Dirsytė (born in 1989), the graduate of the Sculpture Department at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. It is a dedication to a 15 year long friendship spiced with Lolitic time. “ONĖMONĖ stands for selflessness, childishness, a wish to conquer, to laugh, to believe and never to give up. Such was the stage. Lolitic time,” says Monika.

The axis of the ONĖMONĖ performance is a theatrical and interactive reading of a letter, which was written in the course of three years and eventually became a diary. Through the memories of her studies and the friendship, the artist rethinks the meanings of time and space, which are represented by apparently simple objects – a three meter high charred tower with a ladder and a signal window representing the three years; a black mourning dress and guards wearing uniforms of taxi drivers; an old telephone representing a means of communication. A diary without dates will be read by a princess from the Lolitic time wearing a mourning dress – the same paragraph each time: “When you were in the airport with your luggage ready to leave me, and after you did it, I was surprisingly calm, as if you had gone to the store for some milk…”

Contemporary art gallery VARTAI organises open reviews of artworks. These events introduce the latest works of a selected artist and analyse the genre, development, uniqueness and potential of his or her artwork. The Thursday Reviews aim to collect and publicise the latest news on the works of contemporary artists, provide a more exhaustive introduction of the authors, promote works of acclaimed artists and discover new promising names.

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