Václav Špála Gallery, Prague: Jaroslav Róna

Jaroslav Róna: Paintings and Sculptures

8.03 – 28.04.2013

"Jaroslav Róna cannot be ignored and it can be said that he is also a permanent phenomenon on the Czech fine arts scene. His works and crystal ideas generally raise excited reactions and discussions. Despite prognoses of some clamant theoreticians of recent post-modern chases, he is firmly and persuasively straddled between traditional painting and properly modelled sculpture. He is still moderately obstinate and apparently "has appetite" – travelling across the area where he can feel good craftwork, individual style, authentic passion and visions, that address us with their inpandering urgency. For several years the visitors of either individual or group exhibitions have had the opportunity to meet large Róna's work with characteristically seen idea of the world. That he sees as a particularly solid synthesis of private and non-conscious experience and transcendent super personal overlaps."
Radan Wagner

Václav Špála Gallery
Národní 30,
Prague 1
Open daily 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Until April 28.

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