Trafó Gallery: The Suspicion of Suspense

8 NOV – 9 DEC, 2012 19 PM

The Suspicion of Suspense – Exhibition of Daniel Jacoby, Tamara Kuselman and Miklós Vass

The space of the group exhibition could easily be associated with a crime scene. The ephemeral contemporary works inhabiting the gallery could be all interpreted as clues and imprints, temporary constellations which invite the viewers to take part in a mysterious game. Through the presentation of the installations with conceptual background, performance pieces and videos from the three young artists of South American descent, the gallery would like to provide the Hungarian audience with a possibility to connect to a previously inaccessible wave of contemporary art.

Furthermore these artworks which require a minimum of infrastructure are very close to the traditions of progressive Central-Eastern European art, as both are based on highly spontaneous, often improvisational conceptual elements. The defining urge to tell a story and the strong narrative intention are traits which etablish further connections between the pieces of the exhibitors.

Thanks to to their years spent in Barcelona, Peruvian Daniel Jacoby and Argentinian Tamara Kuselman have already managed to establish an impressive Spanish career of exhibitions. Lately they are involved in a growing number of significant European residency programs, currently they are working in the Netherlands and in Germany. Also, the works of Miklós Vass, an artist born in Argentina, currently residing in London, won’t be unfamiliar for Hungarian visitors, since he participated in a number of local exhibitions during his student years spent at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts and after as well.

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