Trafó Gallery: The Emperor’s New Apparel

Apparatus 22 (RO)- Borsos Lőrinc (HU) – Fodor János (HU) – Jaroslav Kyša (SK) – Szalay Péter (HU) – Karol Radziszewski (PL)

kurátor/curator: Szalai Borbála

5th September- 20th October 2013

Just like Andersen's tale, The Emperor's New Clothes, this exhibition – home to imaginary outfits, pretended fashion collections and fake fashion shows – regards clothes as a kind of symbolic layer used to provide a new vantage point on social issues, politics and the criticism levelled against it.

In Andersen's tale, the tailor's fashioning the emperor's new clothes display a peculiar critical approach and the works of the young artists displayed at this exhibition are all linked to this invisible, yet deeply revealing attitude, which seek the answer to questions such as: Are there any current trends in the field of protesting or activism? How does history or a national symbol appear as a kind of fetish? What kind of fashion elements or accessories are tied to power? What ethical and moral contents are linked to the world of fashion and the work force market producing these fashion items? What kind of possible shared points can be found between fashion, politics and various social-gender roles?

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