Thoman modern, Innsbruck: Malerei

Peter Krawagna – Malerei

15.06.13 – 31.08.13

Peter Krawagna, Malerei, Ohne Titel, 2012, Öl auf Leinwand, 130 x 195 cm, Kra/M 120002

We are pleased to invite you to our exhibition of paintings by Peter Krawagna. We will be presenting recent large-scale works on canvas and small works in oil on Japanese Washi paper.

Peter Krawagna is a true virtuoso when it comes to playing with impressions taken from his surroundings and translating them into new visual formations. In his works, vibrant colour fields and strong effects of form go hand in hand with very subtle brushwork.

The hardly primed canvases release their paintings, as it were,  into a state of weightlessness. With his type of image art, Krawagna is among the few artists who not only know how to create impressions through colours, thanks to the deliberate play with the white and beige of the carrier medium he also succeeds in achieving a remarkable lightness in his painting. The compositions appear detached from their carrier plane, thus generating a dense atmosphere.

Peter Krawagnas paintings are voyages of discovery through the world of images surrounding us and seek to capture the short moments that occur to the human eye, yet cannot be captured in words. Which also helps to explain the titles of the artist's works, often seeming quite banal, such as Snowboard or Lastwagen (Truck). The artist, of course, does not aim to capture on canvas the objects as such, but their potential of serving as carrier media for other visual impressions.

… what these pictures show is not a snowboard or a road traffic safety mirror, but the artistic representation of visual phenomena that have been observed on, around or in the objects mentioned. Most of these colour-form constellations we have never even been aware of, they are unobserved and therefore without a name. Even though practically all the visual elements derive from the world of vision, we cannot speak of them as being objective, as they do not depict an object. They are closer to the subject because they remove the image observed from the realm of conceptual cognition and transfer it to the visual order of painting.  Christian Kravagna

Peter Krawagna (b. 1937) lives and works in Krumpendorf, Carinthia. 1953-57 Kunstschule Linz, 1957-61 Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, 1963-64 École des Beaux Arts, Paris. From 1962, he spent extended periods travelling Mali, Senegal, Turkey, India, Egypt, Greece, and other countries.

Selected solo exhibitions and contributions to group shows: 1958 Geist und Form, Vienna; 1964 Prix de Dome, Paris; 1968 INTART, Ljubljana/Udine; 1968 Werke der IV. Internationalen Malerwochen auf Schloss Retzhof, Graz; 1973 Österreichische Malerei 1972, Kunsthalle Leverkusen; 1976 Centro Friulano Arti Plastico, Udine; 1983 Academy of Fine Arts, Istanbul; 1991 Decouvertes 91, Paris; 1993 Art-House, Bregenz; 1997 Aus Afrika, Rupertinum, Salzburg; 2000 Palazzo Reale, Reggio di Caserta; 2001 Künstlerhaus, Bregenz; 2005 Biblioteca Provinciale, Benevento; 2008 68/08 Kunstverein Kärnten, Klagenfurt.

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