The weight of weightlessness: rhymes and rhythms of paper

an exhibition by Prilla Tania, Irfan Hendrian & Ivana Stojakovic

the weight of weightlessness: rhymes and rhythms of paper at Dia.Lo.Gue. Art Space is a contemporary art exhibition by three Bandung-based artists: Prilla Tania (Bandung, Indonesia 1979), Irfan Hendrian (Ohio, US, 1987) and Ivana Stojakovic (Belgrade, Serbia, 1976). Prilla Tania, Irfan Hendrian and Ivana Stojakovic are three visual artists from various backgrounds – but they share something, a love, a love for paper. 

The versatility of paper is a common thread throughout the artistic practices of these three artists. For the three artists, paper is a medium and material at the very same time – with keen consideration, these three artists give paper a different kind of life, a metaphorical life full of rhyme and rhythm.

The three artists in this exhibition work with and on paper, so that it remains an important element in the works they create. In short, this exhibition illuminates the staggering versatility of paper and, as such, this exhibition is an ode to paper. 

In their works, paper is heavy and light, compositions and rhythms are crafted with, in and on paper, paper is used in unusual ways, pushed to its limits – cut, pressed, shredded and re-assembled, printed on over and over again until breaking point – and in this laborious process new forms are created, paper as body, and these forms are connected to the spatiality of Dia.Lo.Gue. Art Space.

The three artists in this exhibition go against the grain by persistently and quietly going their own way – along meandering paths they show us paper in new lights. They mold paper into compositions that are weighty or light and always poetic – or in other words: the weight of weightlessness: rhymes and rhythms of paper.

Roy Voragen (curator)

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