The Green Carrot and the Stick @ Palace of Culture and Science

The Green Carrot and the Stick

Tuvalu is a tiny South Pacific nation predicted to be among the first countries to disappear due to sea level rise. During COP19, Tuvalu delegate and controversial Taiwanese artist Vincent J.F. Huang will exhibit an obese Wall Street Bull crushing a Tuvalu sea turtle and polar bear symbolic of environmental concerns and developing nations overlooked in the name of civilization. The bull will ride past Warsaw’s historic sites in a horse and carriage, alternatively luring and lashing the progress of the cart.

Huang’s “mobile museum” will set off on November 12th at 13:00 PM from the Palace of Culture and Science in downtown Warsaw and travel past sites representative of power and capitalist interests as well as martyrdom and sacrifice, including the Royal Castle, Nowy Swiat Street, the Warsaw Uprising Monument, the Warsaw Citadel, and the ghetto wall on Sienna Street. 

Opening of the mobile exhibition and a press conference will be held at Cafe Kulturalna in the Palace of Culture and Science on November 12th at 12:00 PM.  

Black Arrows: Outbound Route (Palace of Culture and Science>Nowy Swiat Street>Royal Castle>Little Insurgent>Warsaw Uprising Monument>Warsaw Citadel)

Red Arrows: Return Route (Warsaw Citadel>Warsaw Uprising Monument>Little Insurgent>Royal Castle>Nowy Swiat Street>Palace of Culture and Science>Remains of the Ghetto Wall on Sienna Street)

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