Temnikova & Kasela Gallery: Christoph Manuel Müller

From September 27th to October 8th 2012, Berlin-based artist and photographer Christoph Manuel Müller will exhibit his photographs at the Temnikova & Kasela Gallery in Tallinn.

The exhibtion “Before leaving” discovers a dimension of a surreal world that question its own existence. The selected photographs propose to work as mediators, allowing the viewers to travel between suggestion and memory, calling for a sensorial relationship with the image. The work questions the relation between the individual and his/her way of feeling reality.

Christoph Manuel Müller: “We always go on the theory that a photograph shows the truth. Besides this, photography can distort the reality as any other medium. I want to challenge the viewer to understand that reality is not only the visible shore.

Showing the contradiction between nature and abstraction.The photographs discover a dimension of a surreal world, which appears through the details.The feeling of disorder correlates with the rhythm and harmony and creates the atmosphere of uncertainty and nostalgia.

Christoph Manuel Müller’s photographs are not retouched so his interest is to gather the conditions to create all required effects in the moment of taking the picture.

 Müürivahe 22, Tallinn

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