Tartu Art Museum: How to Wear Red?

Marge Monko. "How to Wear Red?"

04 Jul – 25 Aug 2013

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Personal exhibition of works by Marge Monko, laureate of the 2012 Henkel Art.Award.

The Henkel Art.Award is aimed at Eastern European artists under 40. The prize includes money plus personal exhibitions in the artist’s home country as well as in Vienna at Mumok.

Marge Monko, the Estonian photographer, focuses on women’s position in society since the emergence of the bourgeois lifestyle and industrialism until the role games in the Post-Socialist transition society. How does a woman define herself in the various stages of the processes of industrialism and capitalism? How does her profession and social function determine her way of life, what are its disadvantages and advantages? How do we define the experience of socialism to ourselves today? What could we learn from it? How to “wear red” in the present time? These are the questions Monko deals with in her works at the exhibition.

A booklet is published with the exhibition, featuring a comprehensive interview with the artist about her creative practice.
The booklet was put together by Rael Artel.
Editors Rael Artel and Tiiu Talvistu
Language editor Dana Karjatse
Designed by Mikk Heinsoo

Marge Monko’s exhibition in Vienna at Mumok is held from Oct 25, 2013 – Feb 2, 2014.

Marge Monko (born 1976) graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts (BA, MA in photography) and is currently studying in Ghent, Belgium at HISK. She has participated in numerous exhibitions in Estonia and abroad, including the art biennial Manifesta 9 (Genk, Belgium). Monko was also one of the nominees for the Köler Prize in 2012.

The exhibition was designed by Valge Kuup; graphic design by Mikk Heinsoo.

Thanks to: Marje Eelma, Rainer Fuchs, Herdis Olmaru, Ruta Rannu, Tiiu Talvistu, Peeter Talvistu, Reimo Võsa-Tangsoo.


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