Tallinn Art Hall: Sophie Calle – Take Care of Yourself

The Sophie Calle solo exhibition Take Care of Yourself at Tallinn Art Hall is one of the highlights of Tallinn’s year as the European Capital of Culture. Take Care of Yourself is a large-scale installation, exhibited for the first time at the 2007 Venice Biennale French Pavillion.

In the installation, the artist mixes up the real with the fictional and dissects the topic of lost love in surprising ways. Calle asked one hundred and seven women from various fields of work to comment on a letter written by her (alleged) lover, in which he dumps her. Among this group of women, there are artists, musicians, psychologists, scientists, etc. The commentators using varying visual mediums – photo, video, letters, etc – offer interesting and at times paradoxical glimpses into ways of describing the emotional states of a human being, turning thus personal into public. Calle takes this personal vendetta, the grand revenge on a former lover onto a wider cultural and social level through re-interpretations, comments and most different text analysis, offering her own experience as a case study of a kind and turning it into a study of love, cheating and disappointment.

In the end, it remains quite unclear whether this piece really is based on a true story or not – but even as a pretext for constructing an intellectual treat, the result is truly powerful.

Take Care of Yourself which is due to be exhibited at the Tallinn Art Hall, is a large-scale and grandiose project, something between an opera and a soap-opera, between an interdisciplinary scientific research and a powerful sublimation of personal disappointment. It is a project which will leave nobody untouched – at least nobody who has been through what Calle is talking about. And this really means everybody.

The exhibition is organised in co-operation with the French Embassy in Estonia and the French Institute in Estonia.

Tallinn Art Hall
Vabaduse väljak 6
Tallinn, Harju

From: Wednesday, 30.11.2011
Till: Sunday, 08.01.2012

Organiser Tallinn Art Hall

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