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Zilberman Galeri: Şükran Moral – Welcome to Turkey

Opening Reception: 24 September 2014,  6:30 pm Exhibition: 25.09.2014 – 06.11.2014 Ş̧ükran Moral, one of the leading performance artists in Turkey, arranges the gallery space as a tourism bureau in her solo exhibition “Welcome to Turkey”. At the entrance we are greeted by “Tales to a Young Girl”, a video installation that forces us to […]

Zilberman Gallery: Young Fresh Different – V

01/07/2014 – 09/08/2014 Galeri Zilberman is pleased to present the 5th edition of the Young Fresh Different. The exhibition will be opened on Saturday, June 28 at Galeri Zilberman’s space on the second floor of Mısır Apartmanı. Each year the applications are evaluated by different and independent jury members, and this year’s Young Fresh Different […]

Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul: INSTINCT

10/05/2014 – 26/07/2014 Galeri Zilberman is pleased to present a solo exhibition of works by American artist Kay Rosen. The exhibition, the artist’ first solo exhibition in Istanbul, features new drawings and paintings as well as a new wall painting. The opening reception is on Friday, May 9 from 6 to 9 pm. The exhibition […]

Galeri Zilberman Young | Fresh | Different – 2014

Galeri Zilberman Young | Fresh | Different – 2014 Awaits your applications! Galeri Zilberman invites young artists to participate in GYF 2014. Application deadline: 17 May 2014 Chosen works, selected by a committee consisting of Emre Zeytinoğlu as president, Genco Gülan, Burcu Pelvanoğlu and, to represent the gallery, Burçak Bingöl will be exhibited at Young […]

Zilberman Gallery: A Carriage Affair

Zilberman Gallery: Salute!

14/03/2014 – 03/05/2014 Eşref Yıldırım’s solo exhibition, “Salute!” will be presented at Galeri Zilberman between March 14th and May 3rd, 2014. “Salute!” was developed in relation to Eşref Yıldırım’s previous exhibition, “Nobody’s Death” that also took place at Galeri Zilberman in 2012. With “Nobody’s Death”, which took as its point of departure 3rd page news […]

Zilberman Gallery: Selçuk Artut – Data Reality

With an exhibition that brings together elements of sound, interactive installation, and virtual reality, Selçuk Artut uses the four-roomed structure of Galeri Zilberman’s second floor exhibition space in Mısır Apartmanı as a tool. Combining multiple media and methods of production, the exhibition experience begins with a visualization of “brainstorming”—a vinyl map of ideas and sources […]

Zilberman Gallery: ENTROPY

02/11/2013 – 04/01/2014 Curator: Vassilios Doupas In thermodynamics, “entropy” is a term associated with a level of disorder within a system. Applied to cultural and political theory, entropy could be loosely interpreted as the recognition of the subversive elements or destabilizing forces in a closed system. One of these systems is the linguistic system. Comprising […]

Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul: Despair & Metanoia

Despair & Metanoia 12/09/2013 – 26/10/2013 For more than 20 years, Sukran Moral and VALIE EXPORT have shaped our definition of performance art. Although both artists have been creating unconventional works, an amalgam of feminist and activist strategies, they had never met in the course of their careers; this is the first time their work […]