Art news from ‘Wunderteam’

MOCAK, Krakow: Sport in Art

Sport in Art 19.05.2012-30.09.2012 Exhibition place: MOCAK Author: group exhibition Curator: Monika Kozioł, Delfina Piekarska, Maria Anna Potocka Sport in Art after History in Art, the second exhibition in the series which shows how artists see the issues that matter in people's everyday lives. Sport performs a terrific therapeutic role, relieving us of layers of […]

Arsenal City Art Gallery, Poznań: Art of Poznan 1986-2011

Art of Poznan 1986-2011 13.01.2012 – 26.02.2012 The exhibition at the Arsenal City Art Gallery puts Poznań's most recognisable artists in the spotlight – Jarosław Kozłowski, the Koło Klipsa group, Wunderteam and more The exhibition presents the artistic life of Poznań from the last twenty-five years in all its dynamism and diversity. Art that has […]