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Trafó Gallery, Budapest: The Spectrum of Ethereal

Thursday, October 30at 7:00pm in UTC+01 Trafó Gallery Liliom u. 41., Budapest, Hungary, 1094 The group exhibition aims to introduce new genres and medias of contemporary art to the Hungarian scene in which the invited three Dutch artists are very active. All three of the exhibitors are creating works based on hybrid practices in which […]

Trafó Gallery: COLOR ME CLOSELY – exhibition of Navid Nuur

The groundbreaking works of Iranian-born dutch Navid Nuur are shown in his first exhibition in Budapest after being on display in the Parisian Centre Pompidou and the Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam.  Navid Nuur’s critics usually describe his works with the slightly confusing post-conceptualist label, even though his area of research is actually the much more […]

Trafó Gallery, Budapest: The Rise of the Fallen Feather

The Rise of the Fallen Feather A lecture by Szabolcs Kisspál  17.00,  25 January 2014 Trafó Gallery Budapest This lecture presents the partial findings of a body of research in the iconology of the Turul. The associative chain of historical references looks at how the symbolics of a totem bird affected 20th-century Hungarian history through […]

Trafó Gallery: The Emperor’s New Apparel

Apparatus 22 (RO)- Borsos Lőrinc (HU) – Fodor János (HU) – Jaroslav Kyša (SK) – Szalay Péter (HU) – Karol Radziszewski (PL) kurátor/curator: Szalai Borbála 5th September- 20th October 2013 Just like Andersen's tale, The Emperor's New Clothes, this exhibition – home to imaginary outfits, pretended fashion collections and fake fashion shows – regards clothes […]

Trafó Gallery: Everything Eats, Everything Is Eaten – Exhibition of Tamás Komoróczky

13 DEC 2012 – 27 JAN 2013 19-22 PM Vernissage: 13th December 2012 7 pm, opening speach by Péter Janesch Tamás Komoróczky's latest exhibition consists of a complex environment devised for the entirety of the Trafó Gallery, in which various installation elements, neon lights, videos, sound and scripted works form a coherent, organic unity. The […]

Trafó Gallery: The Suspicion of Suspense

8 NOV – 9 DEC, 2012 19 PM The Suspicion of Suspense – Exhibition of Daniel Jacoby, Tamara Kuselman and Miklós Vass The space of the group exhibition could easily be associated with a crime scene. The ephemeral contemporary works inhabiting the gallery could be all interpreted as clues and imprints, temporary constellations which invite […]

Trafó Gallery: High Voltage

High Voltage Trafó Gallery 06/05/2012 – 21/10/2012 Exhibition of Dezső Szabó Vernissage: 05/09/2012 7.00 pm Opening Speech by Attila Horányi In his solo-exhibition Dezső Szabó introduces his latest photo-series, alongside a motion picture, which are complemented by work in progress photos documenting this complex project. Dezső Szabó has been focusing since more than a decade […]

Trafó Gallery, Budapest: Vasarely Go Home

Vasarely Go Home – Exhibition of Andreas Fogarasi 10 MAR – 29 APR, 2012 “Vasarely Go Home” is the latest documentary film and installation by Andreas Fogarasi. The work which was produced for Fogarasi’s solo exhibition at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia is now hosted by Trafó Gallery.

Trafó Gallery, Budapest: Vasarely Go Home

Vasarely Go Home Trafó Gallery 10/03/2012 – 29/04/2012 Exhibition of Andreas Fogarasi (AUT-HUN) Vernissage: 09/03/2012 7.30 pm Opening Speech by Edit Sasvári, art historian “Vasarely Go Home” is the latest documentary film and installation by Andreas Fogarasi. Produced for his solo exhibition at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid it is […]

Trafó Gallery: Planet Display

Planet Display  Trafó Gallery 12/01/2012 – 26/02/2012 Exhibiting Artists: Thobias FÄLDT, Klara KÄLLSTRÖM, SURÁNYI Miklós Curated by Áron FENYVESI Opening: 12/01/2012, 7 pm Opening Speech by Ali TÓTH, editor in chief, The Room Trafó Gallery is presenting a group exhibition of the photography-based works of Swedish Thobias Fäldt and Klara Källström – who are active as […]

Trafó Gallery: The Battle of Inner Truth

11 NOV – 30 DEC, 2011 Little Warsaw: The Battle of Inner Truth The newest project of Little Warsaw is an outcome of a process of an artistic research, which explored and examined the statuette database of hungarian public-, and private-collections. The primary focus of the research was to explore the representation of aggression on […]