Art news from ‘The Empire Project’

The Empire Project, Taksim: Summer Selection Show

Summer Selection Show 10 July – 31 August, 2013 The gallery is closed between 5 and 20 August

The Empire Project, Istanbul: Fight-Flight-Freeze

Gözde Türkkan Fight-Flight-Freeze 16 May – 15 Jun 2013 Gözde Türkkan. Fight-Flight-Freeze#01. 2013. 60 x 60 cm Türkkan zooms into the identity roles of the sports people in this area. Her subjects can be categorized in three demographic groups: Children, youth and adults. On a broader perspective, the artist looks into the situations where one […]

The Empire Project, Istanbul: Photobook

Frederic Lezmi Photobook Exhibition by Ed Van Der Elsken at Poligon 11 Apr – 11 May 2013 Cover of „Love On The Left Bank“ © Ed van der Elsken / Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam The exhibition of the photobook named “Love on the Left Bank” by Dutch photographer Ed van der Elsken (1925-1990) will take place […]

The Empire Project, Istanbul: With One’s Eyes Open

Mehmet Güleryüz With One's Eyes Open 07 Mar – 27 Apr 2013 The Evening Sun.2013.Oil on canvas.200×200 cm.  In his 55th year of art, Mehmet Güleryüz will be displaying his new paintings and drawings in an exhibition: “With One's Eyes Open” at The Empire Project between 7

The Empire Project, Taksim: TRACES

Angel. Archival Pigment Print. 13 x 16 cm. Akos Czigany, Attila Floszmann, Gabor Kerekes Traces 07 Jun – 21 Jul 2012 Gábor Kerekes (66) is one of the most remarkable photographers to emerge from Hungary in the last fifty years; the complexity and richness of his body of work continue to strongly influence younger generations. […]

The Empire Project, Istanbul: Homework

Sean Lee Homework 12 Apr – 02 Jun 2012 Distorting the traditional family portrays by making his own parents pose in humorous ways, Sean Lee is interested in visualizing his own family environment in a different perspective. The subjects of his photographs are shaped by the results of contacts with each individual in his family […]

The Empire Project, Istanbul: RECOIL

HALIL, “RECOIL” The Empire Project begins 2012 with Halil's black-and-white frames. The exhibit can be seen at the gallery on Jan 20 – Mar 31. Halil pushes the envelope of everyday preconceptions with humane sensitivity, setting out to bring a radical new point of view to life and art with his hard-line black-and-white photographs. The […]

The Empire Project, Taksim: Equilibrium

#7 (from ''Equilibrium''). 2011. Acrylic on canvas, 120 x 90 cm. Erdem Küçükköroğlu Bicycle Path: Equilibrium 15 Dec – 14 Jan 2012 “The Bicycle Path”, a new exhibition series from Empire, presents Erdem Küçükköroğlu's "Equilibrium". With a degree from mathematics and largely influenced by geometric abstract paintings, Küçükköroğlu composes his works using the visual esthetics […]

The Empire Project, Taksim: 7 DAYS

Manolo Menéndez, "7 Days – From Day #1: Tree", Inkjet print on German etching cotton paper, 80 x 120 cm, 2010 Manolo Menéndez 7 Days 03 Nov – 10 Dec 2011 "7 Days" is a self-portrait series that revolves around the themes of sex, pain, illness, trauma and regret. The 7-day narrative performance, shot over […]