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Starter Gallery: Bownik/ Every Imitation Disappoints

Bownik examines „artificiality” in photography, intentionally evoking and utilizing methods from studio photography and 1940′s American cinema. By staging films and constructing sets, he recreates the technique and conventionality of the world of film. He also draws inspiration from the classic iconography of painting – still lifes, hunting still lifes, portraits, as well as archival […]

Starter Gallery, Warsaw: Every imitation fails

BOWNIK Every imitation fails 27.09 – 31.10.2013 Opening: 27.09.2013, 17.00 – 22.00 fot.: Bownik, Papa, 140 x 208 cm, 2013, detail In the framework of Warsaw Gallery Weekend we are proud to present a premiere exhibition by Bownik "Every imitation fails" Bownik (b. 1977), photographer, graduate of the Poznań Academy of Fine Arts (Photography and

Starter Gallery, Warsaw: Simple forming

Aleksandra Loska ‘Proste tworzace / Simple forming‘ 30.07 – 26.08.2013 The works of young contemporary Polish photographers rarely focus on abstraction and formal experiments. By building an abstract, analogue space, Loska intelligently undermines the primacy of the virtual world, and its digital tools and effects.  

Starter Gallery, Warsaw: Tickling the palate

Dorota Buczkowska Tickling the palate 23 April – 23 May 2013 Dorota Buczkowska’s exhibition „Tickling the palate” focuses on painting. It is the medium that in the artist’s previous activity, contrary to her favorite installation and video, always served an auxiliary function.

Starter Gallery, Warsaw: VASES

Robert Maciejuk – Vases 15.03.2012 – 15.04.2012 Vases picks up where the book, published last year by Zamojski's Morava Publishing House, leaves off. Released as a limited edition run of just 200 copies, it's a tribute to the artist and his work outside of the comfort zone of painting.

Starter Gallery, Warsaw: Water & Gas

Michał Grochowiak, One gallon of water above the desert, White Sands, New Mexico, 2011 Michał Grochowiak – Water & Gas Warszawa,  07.02.2012 – 02.03.2012 The Starter Gallery presents a photo project realised during during Grochowiak's trip through the United States, by the Młoda Polska Scholarship A ride through the US in a rented car is […]

Starter Gallery, Warsaw: Echo Park

Agnieszka Grodzińska "Echo Park", paint on digital print, 29.7 – 21.4 cm, 2011 Agnieszka Grodzińska – Echo Park in Warsaw 13.12.2011 – 15.01.2012 What's fascinating about Grodzińska's works is she makes original works based on a reproduction of something familiar, something that has already taken place, the eponymous echo, its source our superficial, acute for […]