Art news from ‘Školská 28 Gallery’

Školská 28 Gallery, Prague: Supraphon 33,3

Supraphon 33,3 July 15 – August 15, 2013 The installation refers to the history of the Czechoslovak brand: Supraphon records. The brand was patented in 1932 and originally designed to the name of the turntable machine. After the war was the

Školská 28 Gallery, Prague: Gradient

Martin Blažíček – Gradient April 5 – May 5, 2013 Gradient is: 1. Degree of inclination, slope. 2. Ascending or descending part; climb. 3. Physics – the rate at which physical quantity increases or decreases in proportion to changes in that variable. Installation Gradient for corridor of Školská 28 confronts large format printing with the

Školská 28 Gallery, Prague: BERG

Radim Langer / Marek Meduna: BERG April 5 – April 25, 2013 opening Thu April 4, 18:00 Školská 28: Communication space ul. Školská 28, P–1 in courtyard – through passage

Školská 28 Gallery: Jamie Drouin: Handfuls of Vapor

DECEMBER 4 – DECEMBER 18, 2012 OPENING MON DECEMBER 3, 18:00 Handfuls of Vapor is a site specific minimalist installation by Canadian media artist Jamie Drouin that looks to the history of the Školská 28 exhibition space. Installation creates a hole into history through discrete alterations of architectural space, and poetic illusions of the building’s […]

Školská 28 Gallery: Agrosquatting

Jana Doležalová, Štěpán Plátek: Agrosquatting Curator: Pavel Humhal NOVEMBER 6 – NOVEMBER 23, 2012 OPENING MON NOVEMBER 5, 18:00 Agrosquatting is a social activity. It may (but need not) be obvious. It may have a private, self-contained character, but at the same time be a political act. It may (but need not) be a strategy, […]

Školská 28 Gallery, Prague: The Dawn May Not Come

Jan Šrámek, Veronika Vlková: The Dawn May Not Come Curator: Jan Zálešák June 26 – July 20, 2012 opening Mon June 25, 18:00 If we wanted to describe the common working space of Veronika Vlková and Jan Šrámek, we might suggest seeing it as broadening the field of animation. The artists approach it from separate […]

Školská 28 Gallery, Prague: Trace the Tweet

Trace the Tweet Migration routes, mimesis, concilience May 19 – June 15, 2012 opening Fri May 18, 18:00 The exhibition project „Trace the Tweet“ by artists – curators Getrude Moser Wagner and Claudia Mongini draws patterns of interference between scientific and artistic practices by following the vectorial traces of bird paths, both in terms of […]