Art news from ‘Serbia’

Maison Folie Wazemmes, Paris: HIGH-WIRE ACT

HIGH-WIRE ACT Maison Folie Wazemmes 70 rue des Sarrazins – 59000 Lille France Contemporary art exhibition on the political, social and personal concepts of borders with: Loredana Bianconi, Lana Cmajcanin, Leila Cmajcanin, Adela Jusic, Jean-Gabriel Periot, Sarah Vanagt and Vladan Jeremic & Rena Radle Opening: Wednesday 16th May 2012 at 18.00 Closing date: Sunday 27th […]

Elektrika Pancevo: ICONOSTASIS OF ISMS

ALEKSANDAR TODOROVIC – Iconostasis of Isms Sunday, 18th March, 20h, Elektrika, Radomira Putnika 7 Pancevo exhibition of prints 21h: live> NOISE QUARTET /Lenhart, Brkic, Culjic, Mihovilovic/ ICONOSTASIS OF ISMS "The name of the whole project is the Iconostatsis of Isms. It is the analysis of evil which lurks beneath all the three poles of […]

Gallery Elektrika, Pančevo: RODCHENKO 120

Silent Wall Army and Association “Elektrika” present RODCHENKO 120 collective exhibition of posters inspired by art of Alexander Rodchenko Monday, 5th March 2012, 19h Gallery Elektrika Radomira Putnika 7, Pančevo, Serbia Year 2012 marks the 120th anniversary of the great avant-garde artist Alexander Rodchenko. To celebrate this event Russian Academy of Graphic Design together with […]

Galerija Elektrika, Pančevo: Active Poetry Training

GRRR! PROGRAM Saturday 04.02.2012 On Saturday February 4th 2012, starting at 19h, the Elektrika venue (Radomira Putnika 7, Pančevo) will host a new edition of Pesničenje – Active Poetry Training, as part of the GRRR! Program. Pesničenje "searches out and fosters individual and group efforts to create poetry outside of established circles“ and, due to […]

Jakarta Biennale #14 : Performance OVER

Shield, 2007, Julie Laffin & Clover Morell, Performance Performance "Over" on Jakarta Biennale # 14 6 Jan 2012  From 3 until 5 pm Pintu Barat, Ancol, Jakarta, Indonesia Author/costume: Julie Laffin Performer: Ivana Stojakovic Julie Laffin would like to thank the generosity of Ancol Dreamland, the Jakarta Biennale #14, and the Dewan Kesenian Jakarta for bringing her […]


GRRR! PROGRAM Elektrika gallery, Radomira Putnika 7, Pancevo / 02.12.2011, 19h UROS DJURIC – NEGATIVE HEROES IN COMICS slide presentation/lecture/open chat   On Friday December 2nd, Pancevo Cultural Center and Sasa Rakezic will present the new edition of the series of events titled GRRR! Program, at the Elektrika venue ( Radomira Putnika 7, Pancevo), starting […]


Silent Wall Army presents Friday, 25. November 2011, 19h ELEKTRIKA, Radomira Putnika 7, Pancevo, Serbia Stanislav Silantyev – “DETAILS” exhibition of digital prints and paintings Stanislav Silantyev and Oleksandr Gorskiy – GLAVNOE /Main/ promotion of poetry publication GLAVNOE /Main/ – collection of postcards containing paintings of Stanislav Silantyev accompanied by poetry written by Ukrainian poet […]


Thursday, October 27 · 6:00pm – 11:30pm Location: Radomira Putnika 7, Pancevo ELEKTRIKA Radomira Putnika 7, Pancevo SINESTEZIJA FESTIVAL SHOWCASE DJ MOODSWINGER DJ FELONY FLATS feat: FUCK NEW RAVE SRETAN BOR WEEDZOR D-BEND


A DOUBLE PROGRAM IN ELEKTRIKA – DAMIR AVDIĆ + GRRR PROGRAM, 21.10.2011. Elektrika venue (Vojvode Radomira Putnika 7, Pančevo) will host a double program on Friday 21st 2011. At 20h there will be a concert by Damir Avdić, one of the most interesting representatives of the Bosnian underground. This will be followed at 21 h […]