Art news from ‘Saint Ink Gallery’

Saint Ink Gallery: Nakedness is circular

Nakedness is circular A project of photography on recycle wood drums Opening: 24 October 2013, Saint Ink Gallery 24.10-07.11.2013 Visual artists: Andrei Cornea and Daniel Loagăr, founding members of Wood be Nice Studio  The “Nakedness is circular” project snatches the nude out of the TABU world turning it into a subject of conversation, for in […]

Saint Ink Gallery, Bucharest: Cat People

Cat People. Art Exhibition. Photo-video installation & live performance. Saint Ink Gallery, Bucharest, str. Doamnei 3 June 26 – 23, 2012 Opening June 26, 19h Curator: Alex Solodov Artists: Alex Solodov, Alfonso Villagran, Molokid, Zalez. World is changing and the art world is changing too. Instead of representing work in own country […]