Art news from ‘Raster Gallery’

Raster Gallery: SELFIE

ANETA GRZESZYKOWSKA SELFIE Grzeszykowka's newest series of photos lies between photography and sculpture. At its heart is the analysis of the process of self-creation – one of the most fundamental themes of art and also a basic premise for the condition of the post-medial society of today. The artist makes a radical turn in the […]

Raster Gallery at LISTE Art Fair Basel

At LISTE Art Fair Basel 2014 Raster will present works by Olaf Brzeski, Michał Budny and Rafał Bujnowski. Join us at booth 0/10/1. More information: LISTE 17-22.06.2014 Burgweg 15, Basel Project cofinan­ced by the Ministry of Cul­ture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.


MARCIN MACIEJOWSKI  COMPOSITION FOR A SMALL SPACE 24.05-31.07.2014 Opening on Saturday, May 24th, 6-9PM This exhibition of Marcin Maciejowski’s latest work is a mature and sophisticated pain­terly study of com­positions – of how combinations of forms, colors, people, situations, and behavior enter into mutual relation­ships and generate the con­tent of a life. Maciejow­ski analyzes the […]

Raster Gallery: JASANSKÝ, POLÁK -True And Clear Photography

TRUE AND CLEAR PHOTOGRAPY Opening on Saturday, April 5th, 6 PM The exhibition runs until 17.05.2014 The exhibition 'True and Clear Photography' discovers some little-known, but remarkably inspiring figures in contemporary photography: Lukáš Jasanský and Martin Polák have been working together since 1985 and exploring the conventionality of the medium in various ways. Their work […]

Raster Gallery: SOCIETY IS MEAN

SOCIETY IS MEAN (SPOLECZENSTWO JEST NIEMILE) / EXHIBITION Cipedrapskuad, Honorata Martin, Dorota Maslowska, Maria Tobola This exhibition takes place in a coun­try whose society has a rather poor opinion of itself. The society is mean, the society is aging, and the force which is driving us toward all this is the progres­sive stabilization, which seems […]

Raster Gallery: At Heart

are pleased to announce that from now on, Olaf Brzeski will be one of Raster’s represen­ted artists. His first solo show at the gal­lery, entitled ‘At Heart’ ('Samo serce'), will feature only one artwork – an extreme sculp­tural exam, an impos­sible figure, lyrical and over­whel­ming at the same time. Opening on Saturday, December the 14th, […]

Raster Gallery: One Piece Too Little

Raster gallery invites you for the opening of Oskar Dawicki's exhibition, 'One Piece Too Little'. In his latest works, the artist raises the question of where the limits of spectacle are set with regard to art and to life – of the difference between display and purpose, between representation and reconstruction, between a creation and […]

Raster Gallery, Warsaw: APPARITION

WIDZIADLO (APPARITION) – Przemek Matecki 20.07 – 21.09.2013 Opening on Saturday, July the 20th, at 6 PM ‘I layer one image on another’, says Matecki and that’s precisely what he does. The adop­tion of the sim­plest of methods to juxtapose two seemin­gly incon­gruous lan­guages, meanings, histories or images

Raster, Warsaw: BLUE BIRD & LISTE 18 invitation

Milena Korolczuk – BLUE BIRD 7.6 – 13.7.2013 Raster presents the first solo show of works by Milena Korolczuk (born 1984), an artist originally from Zabłudów, near Białystok in the north-east of Poland who resides today

RASTER, Warsaw: Arsonists

Rafał Bujnowski Arsonists 13.04 – 25.05.2013 Rafał Bujnowski’s newest pain­tings are set in the dark of night. The artist, with his charac­teristic reticence and precision, con­structs pain­tings using the most basic

Raster Gallery, Warsaw: ARSONISTS

RAFAL BUJNOWSKI ARSONISTS 13.04 – 25.05.2013 Raster gallery invites you for Rafal Bujnowski’s solo exhibition, ‘Arsonists‘. The works presented in the show – recent paintings and sketches together with an in

Raster Gallery: NEW HISTORIES

Raster Gallery invites you for an exhibition opening Zbigniew Libera NEW HISTORIES Saturday, November the 17th, 6-9 PM  RASTER  ul. Wspólna 63 00-687 Warszawa The show is a premiere of new photographs by Zbigniew Libera. Libera, most famous for his "LEGO Concentration Camp", is an artist whose works have been considered iconic in the art […]

Raster Gallery: Slavs and Tatars

Slavs and Tatars TOO MUCH T£UMACZ Exhibition opening: 28.09.2012, 5:00-10:00 p.m. Brunch at Raster: 29-30.09.2012, 12:00-4:00 p.m. Exhibition open till: 10.11.2012 A collective dedicated to an area east of the former Berlin Wall and west of the Great Wall of China, Slavs and Tatars often collide those things we consider opposites, or incompatible, be it […]

Raster Gallery, Warsaw: PRIVATE ARCHIVE

Aneta Grzeszykowska & Jan Smaga PRIVATE ARCHIVE Exhibition opening: 10.04.2012 at Exhibition open till 26.05.2012 On April 10th at 6. p.m., we invite you to Raster Gallery for an opening of the show of works by Aneta Grzeszykowska and Jan Smaga. The exhibition is effectively the premiere of a collective project that has been […]

Raster Gallery, Warsaw: ŻYWICA

Raster cordially invites you to the Michał Budny's exhibition "Żywica" and to special event held within its framework: Friday, March 2nd, 2012 starting from 6 pm ul. Wspólna 63, 00-687 Warsaw Presentation of the new edition by Michał Budny – a series of works created on the the margin of the exhibition "Żywica" and the […]


IN MY YOUTH UNSATED – Johanna Billing, Milena Korolczuk, Michał Wasążnik Saturday, December 10, 2011 The exhibition is a journey in time and space, a trip to the East, taken to the rhythm of music. Its lead characters are young people – from different places and generations – who are unwitting yet active agents of […]