Art news from ‘Propaganda Gallery’

Propaganda Gallery, Warsaw: Skin

The solo exhibition of Gudrun Kampl titled Skin is a story about the world that has two sides: soft and pleasant on the outside, bloody and dirty from the inside. Most of the works are made of smooth velvet ― artist’s favourite material and relate to the issues of oppression, war, self defeat and petty-bourgeois […]

Propaganda Gallery: Contemporary Art Book

Mariusz Tarkawian Contemporary Art Book 7.12.2013-15.02.2014 Mariusz Tarkawian had achieved a unsurpassed precision in the employment of his medium. His chosen trade is drawing, a pencil – favorite tool. Executed in a flash and with photographic precision his drawings constitute a snap-shot recording of an exact moment, or data, or photograph, reproduction – a reworking […]

Propaganda Gallery: Photo-Object

Photo-Object EXHIBITION OF PHOTOGRAPHIC OBJECTS Curators: Leszek Golec, Jagna Olejnikowska Opening: October 5, 7 p.m. Duration: October 5-31, 2013 Photo-object is a broad and multifaceted concept. As an alternative form of photography, due to extension of a plane spatial illusion by the real space, goes beyond a traditional concept of the photographic medium. It is […]

Propaganda Gallery, Warsaw: Ain’t No Grave…

Aleksander Ryszka Ain’t No Grave . . . 03.08.2013-14.09.2013 “There ain’t no grave can hold my body down” – with those words opens Johnny’s Cash posthumous album expressing his exceptional love of life. Aleksander Ryszka leaves on one of his canvas only half of

Galeria Propaganda, Warsaw: DOES GOD PLAY DICE?

DOES GOD PLAY DICE? STANISLAW DROZDZ & ADAM JASTRZEBSKI OPENING: 15TH OF JUNE EXHIBITION UNTIL 27TH OF JULY A roll of the dice is simple, the simplest game of all. All players are equal. The result is determined not by skill, dexterity or cunning but by pure luck/coincidence. The Game of

Galeria Propaganda, Warsaw: Who you are

Who you are JAREMA DROGOWSKI 6.03-2013 – 1.06.2013 Exhibition „Who you are” by Jarema Drogowski centers on a subject of Polish national identity. Discussion over the problem of the shape of the patriotism, national identity and its practices electrifies both the public and the media. Expansion and polarization

Propaganda Gallery: OH, IT’S ALL RIGHT NOW

OH, IT’S ALL RIGHT NOW Ryszard Grzyb, Pawel Kowalewski, Jaroslaw Modzelewski, Wlodzimierz Pawlak, Marek Sobczyk, Rryszard Wozniak In the year of 30th anniversary of creation of the most famous Polish artistic group of the ’80 Galeria Propaganda presents an exhibition titled “Oh, it’s all right now” featuring never before shown collaborative works on paper. United […]


01.12.2012 – 26.01.2013 “I despise birds. They make holes in the most beautiful and the greatest of my works,” noted Yves Klein, speaking of sky. In a special way he fulfilled Cennino Cennini recommendation “If you’re gonna use the blue, take the amount that you need.” Klein took it all! Throughout the centuries meaning of […]

Propaganda Gallery: HAVEN’T WE MET BEFORE?

HAVEN’T WE MET BEFORE? Haven’t We Met Before? is the presentation of the latest paintings of Jakub Ciezki. Realistic and abstract in their structure, his works give the impression of never-ending déjà vu, that we can’t never be really sure about. Bars, rods, signs are geometric lines and shapes first of all. He pulls them […]

Galeria Propaganda, Warsaw: The Poetics of Politics

Gabi Stamate / Me in the TV, b/w photography, 20×16 cm each, 1989 The Poetics of Politics Galeria Propaganda, Warsaw, Poland Opening: Thursday, 14th June 2012, at 6 p.m. Artists: Olimpiu Bandalac, Ciprian Chirileanu, Euroartist Bucureşti, Suzana Fântânariu, Constantin Flondor, Teodor Graur, House pARTy, Iosif Király, Sorin Oncu, Christian Paraschiv, Marilena Preda Sânc, Valeriu Șchiau,  […]

Propaganda Gallery: GENRE SCENES 2012

A couple of weeks prior to the opening game of Euro 2012, we have been informed that the Polish authorities reach out for our the data on the phone connections made throughout the European Union. Commitments of the football association organizing the competition were meant to contribute to a civilization leap and prove that we […]