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NoD Gallery, Prague: So Far So Close

No Dimension Summer 2 | Visual Arts Studio (VŠUP): So Far So Close 22.08.2013, 21:00    A show which is developed through the different approaches that the students and former students of V.A. Studio have towards the video as an expressive media. From a wide range of disciplines and techniques, the concepts proposed in this project […]

Karlin Studios, Prague: BARBELL

ALICE NIKITINOVÁ: BARBELL / ČINKA Opening 21st August Exhibition until September 15th 2013 Copyright: All rights reserved by FUTURA gallery In the exhibition program on the Karlin Studios facade presenting poster of contemporary Czech artist in the size of eurobillboard – 5,1 x 2,4 metru will this time present her new site specific work Alice […]

Karlin Studios, Prague: HUNKY DORY

HUNKY DORY Opening August 21st 6 pm Exhibition until September 15th 2013 Exhibiting artist: Peter Barényi (SK), Martinka Bobriková & Oscar de Carmen (SK, ES, NO), Billy Gallery: Tymek Borowski (PL) &  Paweł Sysiak (PL),  Clakula: Ashley Clark (USA) & Matej Vakula (SK, USA), Ashley Clark (USA), Dávid Demjanovič (SK), Jaś Domicz (PL), Antonín Jirát […]

Dvorak Sec Contemporary, Prague: The light from the next room

Tomáš Smetana The light from the next room 31.07 – 06.09.2013 Tomáš Smetana | Světlo z vedlejšího pokoje

etc. Gallery, Prague: ITW

Tommy Høvik – ITW 16.08 – 20.09.2013 Norwegian artist Tommy Høvik focuses on spirituality and his work often works with surrealistic and in the same time very personal mythology. For the exhibition in etc. gallery, Høvik is going to present a site specific project that develops his research so far.


RADA BOUKOVA: START A NEW VICTORY 20.08 – 22.09.2013 Opening: August 20th 2013, 6 pm                                                            The exhibition runs until September 22nd, 2013 curator: Michal Novotný Rada Boukova pressures the associations materials, forms and symbols apriory carry. She stretches the limits of ready-made, reduction of means, material fragility and simplicity of a gesture to its extend. […]

Galerie Mainerová, Prague: AGAIN

Nick Zipper ZASE / AGAIN 16.08 — 16.09.2013 Again ("Zase"), I would like to invite you to my small exhibition. Opening will be on 16th August at 7 pm. The exhibition offers a mix of my artwork, mainly works that you might have seen, but not together. And perhaps something extra.

Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague: Raqib Shaw

Raqib Shaw 7. 6. 2013 – 15. 9. 2013 large gallery Curator: Petr Nedoma Paradise Lost (detail), 2001-2011, oil, acrylic, enamel, glitter on birch wood, 300 x 900 cm , © Courtesy of the Artist and White Cube This will be the first time that a representative selection of the works of Raqib Shaw will […]

Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague: Objects of Eternity

Carlos Relvas – Objects of Eternity 23. 5. 2013 – 15. 9. 2013 small gallery Curator: David Korecký Landscape. Portugal, 1876-1878, New toned print from collodion wet plate negative Galerie Rudolfinum is exhibiting a representative profile of the works of Carlos Relvas (1838-1894), a founding figure of Portuguese photography. The exhibition is conceived as a […]

35m2 Gallery, Prague: AAAA

Petra Herotová, Jan Nálevka AAAA 8/8 — 1/9/2013 Opening on Thursday 8/8 from 19 h

Školská 28 Gallery, Prague: Supraphon 33,3

Supraphon 33,3 July 15 – August 15, 2013 The installation refers to the history of the Czechoslovak brand: Supraphon records. The brand was patented in 1932 and originally designed to the name of the turntable machine. After the war was the

Galerie Entrance, Prague: VIDEOKEMP 2013

VIDEOKEMP 2013 opening Saturday, 3.08.2013, from 1 pm to 10 pm. Videokemp (videocamp) is one day exhibition focusing on contemporary Czech video art. The strategy of the event is simple; a campsite will be set up in a park, from afternoon until the following night with participating artists presenting work in their own tent. The […]

Leica Gallery Prague: MILOŇ NOVOTNÝ

MILOŇ NOVOTNÝ 11. 6. — 31. 8. 2013

Drdova Gallery, Prague: GHOSTS

KW + Q: Ghosts the exhibition lasts till August 10 The Ghost as a Synonym of Existential Questions Hardly any artist manages to stick to a single way of expression all his life and still be successful.  Although he creates a little and with pauses, the artist known as KW has accomplished this model. However, […]

CEEA: Magistrala = the New Prague Boulevard

Magistrala = the New Prague Boulevard 26.7. – 10.8. 2013 Open Stage A Place for Spontaneous Action Organizer: CCEA – Centre for Central European Architecture, o.s. Join the transformation of the busiest intersection in Prague into a cultural scene! In a few days the busy highway will host workshops, chess or foosball tournaments, fashion shows, […]


MERCURY RETROGRADE: ANIMATED REALITIES July 17th – August 11th, 2013 Exhibiting artists: Brian Alfred (US), Karina Aguilera Skvirsky (US), Aline Bouvy & John Gillis (BE), Eteam (DE/US), Cliff Evans (AU/US), Jan Nálevka (CZ), Noah Spidermen & Scott Gelber (US) Curators: Zeljka Himbele, William Heath The title of the exhibition takes on a specific optical illusion […]

DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague: GUŠTAR

GUŠTAR 18. 7. – 14. 10. 2013 The exhibition at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art will present the work of composer, programmer and designer Milan Guštar for the first time to the general public. The artist (re)built most of the exhibited works, which had long existed as algorithms or processes in the form of […]

Galerie Václava Špály, Prague: Slovanska Epopej 2012-2013

Martin Mainer Slovanska Epopej 2012-2013 Sama Doma|Vize Pro Tebe 28.06 – 1.09.2013 My interest in the history of the Slavs has already lasted for a few years… one of the greatest texts about our history is Antonin Horak´s book „About the Slavs differently“ – it directly opened my eyes, sooner aroused

FUTURA, Prague: A Glass of Water

A GLASS OF WATER July 9th – September 22nd, 2013   Participating artist: Ignasi Aballi (ES), Amande In (FR/CZ), Nina Beier & Marie Lund (DK/DE/GB), Monica Bonvicini (IT), Stanley Brouwn (NL), Latifa Echakhch (MA/FR/CH), Ceal Floyer (PK/GB), Yona Friedman (HU/FR), Marek Meduna (CZ), Mathieu Mercier (FR), Marlie Mul (NL/DE), Boris Ondreička (SK), Jan Pfeiffer (CZ), […]

DOX, Prague: RELAY

Iveta Pilařová – Relay 3. 7. – 29. 8. 2013 Tobogganers (from the series At Last The Snow’s Arrived), 2003 Iveta Pilařová, to whom the first exhibition of the cycle is devoted, is a middle-generation artist. Her work is inspired by her personal experience of a life with multiple sclerosis. The disease first presented while […]


TO PAINT THE STEPPE / ARTIN – MONGOLIA Six girls from Nadia Verner´s  independent art studio ArtIn are looking for financial support for their plein air journey to the steppes of Mongolia. They are going to paint in the plains, and then exhibit their works in the Czech Republic. Prague, July 8, 2013 – „To […]

35m2 Gallery, Prague: BOWL

Pavla Tichá Bowl 11/7 — 4/8/2013 Opening on Thursday 11/7 from 19 h Curator: Pavel Švec

Gallery Vernon, Prague: LUBIĄŻ

Albertyna Kacalak – LUBIĄŻ 11. 7. 2013, 6 pm Gallery Vernon, U Průhonu 22, Praha 7 You are cordially invited to the opening of the young Polish painter Albertyna Kacalak's exhibition, that takes place on Thursday 11. 7. 2013 at 6 pm in the Gallery Vernon.


DISABLED BY NORMALITY 23. 5. – 16. 9. 2013 BART HESS in collaboration with HeyHeyHey – Mutants, 2011 What’s a “disability”? And what’s “normal”? This spring’s biggest exhibition, entitled Disabled by Normality and created in cooperation with the Jedlička Institute and Schools on the occasion of its 100th anniversary,

Josef Sudek Studio, Prague: PIKTORIALISTÉ

ZE SBÍRKY PPF ART PIKTORIALISTÉ 25. 6.—30. 8. 2013 Lauschmann Jan