Art news from ‘Prague’


LANDSCAPE EXTENDED diSTRUKTURA 4. 9. – 4. 10. 2014 Gallery Vernon, Janáčkovo nábřeží 21, Prague 5 Gallery Vernon presents a new exhibition by the creative Serbian duo from Belgrade. Expressing via different media, mostly painting, photography, drawing and video, they aim to reestablish man's lost bonds to the nature and propose new metaphors that would [...]


COMING TO REALITY Participating artists: Michel Auder (US), Zbyněk Baladrán (CZ), Eva Koťátková (CZ),  Dominik Lang (CZ), David Maljkovic (HR), Shahryar Nashat (CH), Seth Price (US), James Richards (GB), Ben Schumacher (CA) curator: Fionn Meade opening July 1st 2014 6 PM exhibition untill: September 21st 2014


PRAGUE PRIDE: EAST SIDE STORY opening August 13th from 6 pm exhibition until September 7th 2014 Participating artists: Baptist Coelho (IN), Steven Cohen (ZA), Jamie Crewe (GB), Wojtek Doroszuk (PL), Zackary Drucker (US), Goldiechiari (IT), Igor Grubic (HR), Zanele Muholi (ZA), Eugenio Percossi (IT/CZ), Karol Radziszewski (PL), Aurora Reinhard (FIN), Slava Mogutin & Brian Kenny [...]

Rudolfinum Gallery, Prague: Traces / Stopy

Traces / Stopy 2. 10. 2014 – 4. 1. 2015 Galerie Rudolfinum Curator: Stephanie Rosenthal, hlavní kurátorka / Chief Curator, Hayward Gallery a Petr Nedoma, ředitel / Director, Galerie Rudolfinum „The basic instincts in a human being are eros, pleasure, life, and the death wish.“ Ana Mendieta During her brief yet prolific career, Ana Mendieta [...]

Vernon Gallery, Prague: Derivatives

Miłosz Flis Derivatives 29. 7. – 30. 8. 2014 Gallery Vernon, Janáčkovo nábřeží 21, Prague 5 My objects are an intuitive way to tell what could go wrong Gallery Vernon and Galeria Miejska presents a solo exhibition by young Polish artist Miłosz Flis that shows his paintings, sculptures and objects experimenting with a form, meaning [...]


FRONT LINE 12. 6. – 22. 9. 2014 After World War I, the world’s rhythm and expression changed definitively. Optimistic turn-of-the-century notions that an era of humanity and scientific/technical miracles was nigh quickly dissipated. Millions of people who had always been bound to their family hearth marched onto battlefields according to the will of fate [...]

Josef Sudek Studio, Prague: THE CHARM OF THE STILL LIFE

THE CHARM OF THE STILL LIFE 25 JUNE–30 AUGUST 2014 We generally understand the Golden Age of the still life to be the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, particularly in the Netherlands. But twentieth-century modern art also paid exceptional attention to the still life. It could even seem that the extraordinary depiction of ordinary things became [...]


FELIX LUPA STREET PHOTOGRAPHY 20. 6. — 7. 9. 2014  Felix Lupa (b. 1972) is a leading figure in contemporary Israeli reportage and documentary photography and an outstanding exponent of 'street photography'. He describes his work as that of a 'public eye', not only capturing everyday scenes in a particular society and location but exposing [...]

Vernon Gallery, Prague: ABOUT LAYABOUTS

ABOUT LAYABOUTS 3. 7. 2014 – 26. 7. 2014 Gallery Vernon, Janáčkovo nábřeží 21, Praha 5 EVEN LAZING CAN BE STYLISH! Students of Czech Republic’s Tomas Bata University in Zlín presents in the Gallery Vernon their design exhibition “About Layabouts”, which brings together wellness, design and lazing. The first appearence of the project was at [...]

Klara Kristalova @ hunt kastner, Prague

Klara Kristalova |  Where I come from and where I will be 7|6 – 3|8|2014 opening reception 6|6|2014, 18-21:00 hunt kastner Bořivojova 85, Praha 3 hunt kastner is very pleased to present “Where I Come From and Where I Will Be”, Klara Kristalova’s first exhibition in the Czech Republic.  Born in Prague in 1967, [...]

Vernon Gallery, Prague: ANDREY KEZZYN – The Four

ANDREY KEZZYN – The Four 4. – 28. 6. 2014 Gallery Vernon, Janáčkovo nábřeží 21, Praha 5 On wednesday June 4th 2014 the new installation of four large-scale photographs by the Russian photographer Andrey Kezzyn will be opened in the Gallery Vernon. The Four is inspired by the most dramatic book of the civilization, the [...]

Vernon Gallery, Prague: Salon Vernon

SALON VERNON   4. – 28. 6. 2014 Galerie Vernon, Janáčkovo nábřeží 21, Praha 5 The new exhibition in the Gallery Vernon presents artworks by the Vernon artists from Czech and Slovak Republic and artists from abroad – Italy, Spain, Germany, Argentina or USA. The concept refers to the famous Parisian art salons from the [...]

Rudolfinum Gallery, Prague: Barbara Probst. Total Uncertainty

Barbara Probst. Total Uncertainty 24. 4. 2014 – 6. 7. 2014 Curator: David Korecký Barbara Probst works with multiple images of a single scene, taken at the same time using several synchronized cameras. This approach breaks down the viewer’s singularity – it is not clear where the viewer is located within the given situation, which [...]

Karlin Studios, Prague: REVELATION

REVELATION opening April 30th from 7 pm exhibition until May 25th 2014 Participating artists: Cornelia Friederike Müller (DE), Anne Hofmann (DE), VIP (DE), Luise Schröder (DE), Sophie Vollmar (DE) Curator: Henrike Böhm (DE) Supported by Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen, the City of Leipzig, Česko-německý fond budoucnosti and IFA (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen).


Simone Ghera – DANCER INSIDE PRAGUE  Simone Ghera is a Rome based architect and photographer. His exhibition DANCER INSIDE PRAGUE is part of a wider photography project that brought his work across Europe and beyond during the last 4 years.   The exhibition DANCER INSIDE PRAGUE will be presented in the beautiful baroque chapel of [...]

Leica Gallery, Prague: HEARTLAND

Leica Gallery Prague is pleased to invite you to the exhibition: THOMAS HOEPKER HEARTLAND Vložený obrázek 1 The exhibition will run untill 15 June, 2014. The exhibited series of black-and-white photographs, Heartland, by the well-known Magnum photographer Thomas Hoepker, shows life in the United States in the mid-1960s. The photographs were made on assignment for [...]

DOX, Prague: OVER THE LINE – One way return ticket

OVER THE LINE – One way return ticket 11. 4. – 30. 6. 2014 The extensive art project entitled OVER THE LINE – One way return ticket deals with the effectiveness of an art college education. It is based on the six-year tradition of BELOW THE LINE exhibitions that presented unsuccessful public art college applicants [...]


Lucia Tallová BY TEARS THE BLACK PEARL REVIVES  Gallery Vernon, Janáčkovo nábřeží 21, Prague 5 10. 4. – 31. 5. 2014 Gallery Vernon presents an exhibition of a young and talented Slovak painter Lucia Tallová. At her first solo exhibition in Czech Republic the newest large-scale paintings from the two recent series "Schwarzer Regen" and [...]

DOX, Prague: The Silent Strength of Liu Xia

The Silent Strength of Liu Xia 28. 2. – 9. 6. 2014 Poet and photographer Liu Xia (*1959) is a banned artist in China, and her work can only be seen in private or on the internet.  She is the wife of Liu Xiaobo, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and po­litical prisoner, who was [...]

Leica Gallery, Prague: London in the 1960s

MILOŇ NOVOTNÝ London in the 1960s 14. 2. — 11. 4. 2014  Miloň Novotný (1930–1992), a pioneer of twentieth-century Czech humanist photography, is today a classic. He is of the generation influenced by the legendary ‘Family of Man’ exhibition organized by Edward Steichen. Like Henri Cartier-Bresson, he photographed only in black and white, worked on [...]


PAVEL STEREC (CZ), ROEE ROSEN (IL) – ON TREES AND THINGS curator: Michal Novotný opening: January 21st 2014 from 6 pm exhibition open until: March 23rd 2014 thanks to Embassy of Israel, Holečkova Apartments and ROBE s.r.o. “Mrs. Tugendhat used to remember, that this was her most beloved place to sit and talk over a [...]

DOX, Prague: The Poster in the Clash of Ideologies 1914 – 2014

The Poster in the Clash of Ideologies 1914 – 2014 14. 2. – 19. 5. 2014 DOX, Prague The exhibition is a reference to Marshall McLuhan’s famous statement that “the medium is the message,” which appeared in his book Understanding Media (1964). The goal of the exhibition is to show, from the perspective of the [...]

Vernon Gallery, Prague: Päivi Hintsanen & Timo Sälekivi – Presence

Päivi Hintsanen & Timo Sälekivi: Presence 27. 2. – 5. 4. 2014 Gallery Vernon, Janáčkovo nábřeží 21, Prague 5 This exhibition by two Finnish artists Päivi Hintsanen and Timo Sälekivi is the first one at the new location of Gallery Vernon – Janáčkovo nábřeží 21, Prague 5, situated on the Vltava river bank, a lively [...]

DOX, Prague: Pharmatopia

Marek Schovánek: Pharmatopia 7. 2. – 7. 4. 2014 The Pharmatopia installation is composed of hand-sculpted coloured pills. The various shapes and sizes and the vast range of colours used on each sculpture of the installation have a very sensual and vibrant, almost glossy commercial appeal. Upon closer inspection, each individual work reveals an embedded [...]

Gallery Vernon, Prague: Shadows. I’m afraid of sleep just as one is afraid of a large hole.

Martin Gerboc Shadows. I'm afraid of sleep just as one is afraid of a large hole. 15. 1. 2013 – 22. 2. 2014 Gallery Vernon, U Průhonu 22, Praha 7 Visual artist from Slovakia, Martin Gerboc will present a selection of his paintings. In his art, Gerboc refers to the aestetics of evil, horror, fear, [...]