Art news from ‘PİLOT Gallery’

Pilot Gallery, Istanbul/ 20XX: Relics

20XX: Relics Larissa Sansour,  Deniz Üster,  Berk Çakmakçı,  Gökçen Dilek Acay,  Can Kurucu,  İz Öztat,  Dikran Taş 18 SEPTEMBER – 25 OCTOBER Co-Pilot is pleased to announce the group exhibition 20XX: Relics curated by Amira Akbıyıkoğlu, between the dates of 18 September – 25 October, presenting works by Larissa Sansour, Deniz Üster, İz Öztat, Dikran […]

Pilot Gallery, Istanbul: Seeing the black panther

seeing the black panther ELMAS DENİZ 09.05.2014 – 28.06.2014 Opening: 09.05.2014 – 18:30-20:30 Elmas Deniz, at Pilot with “seeing the black panther”! Pilot Gallery will be hosting Elmas Deniz’s exhibition titled “seeing the black panther” between May 9th and June 14th. Elmas Deniz is an artist who contemplates global power structures, state control, urbanism, the […]

PiLOT Gallery: I have a feeling

I have a feeling MURAT ŞAHİNLER 21 FEBRUARY – 12 APRİL A solo exhibition by Murat Şahinler Curated by Leyla Gediz and Misal Adnan Yıldız 22.02.2014 – 12.04.2014 Açılış / Opening: 21.02.2014, 18:30-20:30 Söyleşi / Curators Talk: 22.02.2014, 17:00 Featuring the recent works of Istanbul based artist Murat Şahinler, the exhibition titled “I have a […]

PILOT Gallery, Istanbul: Play your part and the script will follow

Play your part and the script will follow BURAK DELİER 12 SEPTEMBER – 26 OCTOBER 2013 PİLOT hosts "Play your part and the script will follow", a solo exhibition by Burak Delier between September 12 and October 26. Burak Delier examines the relationship between capitalism and contemporary art in the way that it intervenes into […]

PILOT Gallery, Istanbul: Inner Issues

Inner Issues CENGİZ TEKİN    7 MAY – 15 JUNE Peace, 2012, c-print, 80×130 cm PİLOT is pleased to host Cengiz Tekin's solo exhibition "Inner Issues" between 7 May and 15 June.

PILOT Gallery, Istanbul: Against the Wind

Against the Wind IREM TOK    5 MARCH – 27 APRIL Irem Tok, Open Heart PILOT will be hosting the second solo exhibition of Irem Tok, Against the Wind, between 5 March and 27 April. PILOT Gallery Siraselviler caddesi. No:83/2 Beyoglu/Istanbul

PILOT Gallery, Istanbul: Gökçe Erhan- “Ballad of Shame”

Young artist Gökçe Erhan is going to present the performance "Ballad of Shame" on 2nd January, 2013 at Pilot. "I was dragged towards the desolate streets And could not escape from his strong arms pulling my hair I had become a snake, a scorpion and a destroyer  Yet could not get rid of his barbed […]

PILOT Gallery, Istanbul: Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance ŞENER ÖZMEN 3 NOVEMBER – 29 DECEMBER PİLOT is pleased to host the solo exhibition of Şener Özmen, "Zero Tolerance", between 3 November and 29 December.

Pilot Gallery, Istanbul: YES, YOU CAN NOT

YES, YOU CAN NOT CAN KURUCU 26 MAY – 14 JULY PİLOT is pleased to host "YES, YOU CAN NOT", the first solo exhibition of the young artist Can Kurucu between 26 May and 14 July. Pilot Gallery Sıraselviler caddesi. No:83/2 Beyoglu/Istanbul

PILOT Gallery, Istanbul: City and the Everyday

from the series Idols, photography, 80×120 cm, 2012 City and the Everyday 3 APRİL – 19 MAY PILOT is pleased to host "City and the Everyday" by Hamra Abbas, the winner of 2011 Abraaj Capital Art Prize, between 3 April and 19 May. Hamra Abbas has been exhibiting for a numbers of years in important […]

Pilot Gallery, Istanbul: Consequences are no coincidence

Şener Özmen, ASSANGE, carpet, 140×200 cm, 2012 Consequences are no coincidence 2 FEBRUARY – 24 MARCH 2012 HAMRA ABBAS,  FİKRET ATAY,  TUFAN BALTALAR,  BURAK DELİER,  GÖKÇE ERHAN,  BENGÜ KARADUMAN,  ALİ MİHARBİ,  ŞENER ÖZMEN,  CENGİZ TEKİN,  İREM TOK Pilot Gallery Siraselviler Caddesi. No:83/2 Beyoglu/Istanbul

PİLOT Gallery, Istanbul: Collector’s Wish

Saruhan Doğan ve Burak Delier Collector's Wish BURAK DELİER 24 JANUARY – 28 JANUARY 2012 BURAK DELİER, 1977, born in Adapazarı, lives and works in Istanbul. PİLOT Gallery Sıraselviler caddesi. No:83/2 Beyoğlu/İstanbul