Art news from ‘Pi Artworks’

PI Artworks, Istanbul: Walking on the Wire

Walking on the Wire Gülay Semercioğlu 2014-05-10 _ 2014-06-28 Walking on the Wire is a presentation of new work by Gülay Semercioğlu, a Turkish artist who plays with our perceptions of light, perspective, depth and colour. Walking on the Wire presents a series of new pieces that exemplify the more sculptural aspects of her recent […]

Pi Artworks: Theorem

Osman Dinç: Theorem 10-01-2014 / 22- 02- 2014  Following on from a solo exhibition in Ankara in 2012, legendary artist Osman Dinç presents new works at Pi Artworks Istanbul this January. The artist, who has been based in Paris since 1977, creates his “figurative works telling their own stories” in various materials, including metal, glass, […]

Pi Artworks: Never Been Intimate

Never Been Intimate Tayeba Begum Lipi 01-11-2013 / 30-12-2013 In Tayeba Begum Lipi’s first solo show in Turkey, the Bangladeshi artist presents works that exemplify her very literally cutting-edge artistic practice. Running from 1 November – 30 December 2013, Never Been Intimate will be on show at Pi Artworks, Istanbul.  Overlapping panels of shiny silvery […]

Pi Artworks Galatasaray, Istanbul: Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirror Mirror on the Wall Nancy ATAKAN 2013-04-25 _ 2013-06-22               Nancy Atakan is at Pi Artworks Galatasaray with her solo exhibition “Mirror Mirror on the Wall” between the dates April 25th – June 22nd, 2013. This new work by Nancy Atakan investigates the extreme routes taken by contemporary individuals and […]

Pi Artworks Tophane, Istanbul: Four Sermons to the Dead

Four Sermons to the Dead Aslı SUNGU 2013-03-28 _ 2013-05-25 Aslı Sungu is at Pi Artworks Tophane with her solo exhibition “Four Sermons to the Dead” between the dates March 28th – May 25th, 2013. “In my works, which are often autobiographic, even if I adopt the video and

Pi Artworks: Find Your Way

Tophane Find Your Way Serdar YILMAZ 2013-01-08 _ 2013-02-09    Serdar Yılmaz is at Pi Artworks Tophane with his solo exhibition titled “Find Your Way” between the dates January 8th – February 9th, 2013. In his recent series “Find Your Way”, Serdar Yılmaz walks about the boundaries between video, short film, installation, photography and painting. […]

Pi Artworks, Istanbul: Rewind, Pause, Fast Forward: Mirrors on Iran

Rewind, Pause, Fast Forward: Mirrors on Iran Morteza Ahmadvand – Mahmoud Bakhshi – Pedram Baldari – Simin Keramati – Neda Razavipour – Farniyaz Zaker 2012-06-29 _ 2012-09-29 Pi Artworks hosts six Iranian artists in the video art exhibition titled “Rewind, Pause, Fast Forward: Mirrors on Iran”. Video works of Morteza Ahmadvand, Mahmoud Bakhshi, Pedram Baldari, […]

Pi Artworks, Istanbul: Seven Sleepers (as)

Seven Sleepers (as) Juan Botella Lucas 2012-04-28 _ 2012-06-16 Juan Botella Lucas is at Pi Artworks Tophane with his solo exhibition ''Seven Sleepers (as)'' between the dates April 28th – June 16th, 2012. The exhibition which is composed of Lucas’ latest work mainly brings out the   unconsciousness of everyday life. The extraordinary and sometimes even […]

Pi Artworks, Istanbul: Labyrinth

Labyrinth Horasan 2012-04-05 _ 2012-05-19 Horasan is at Pi Artworks Galatasaray with his solo exhibition “Labyrinth” between the dates April 5th – May 19th 2012. “Getting lost, finding, (Rauch), wondering, getting worried, being afraid, (Coffin), facing with, encountering,  to reaching on impasse, tangling, diving into, (Bruyckere), getting out, concentrating, being oneself again, finding oneself, losing […]

Pi Artworks Tophane, Istanbul: Nearness at a Distance

Nearness at a Distance Ümmühan Yörük 2012-03-01 _ 2012-04-14 “Nearness at a Distance”, the first solo exhibition of Ümmühan Yörük in Istanbul, is at Pi Artworks Tophane between the dates 1 March – 14 April 2012. The exhibition of Yörük’s latest works is the visualisation of bonding that occurs between the people who have experienced […]

Pi Artworks Galatasaray, Istanbul: BirdDay

Pi Artworks Galatasaray hosts Merve Şendil’s “BirdDay” between the dates 18 February – 31 March 2012. Shaped around a single meal time a couple spends in a Chinese-looking local restaurant, “BirdDay” invites the audience to the artist’s fantastic perception via the reality of every single detail which is embodied by using different media as soon […]

Pi Artworks Tophane, Istanbul: Residue

Residue Tunca SUBAŞI 2012-01-05 – 2012-02-25 Tunca Subaşı is at Pi Artworks Tophane with his latest solo exhibition, “Residue”, between the dates January 5th – February 25th 2012. In this exhibition of his recent works, Subaşı predicts a “residue-esque” impression reproducing photographic images that generate historical memory. Specifying the contradictions between social layers and the […]

Pi Artworks Galatasaray, Istanbul: Oriental Illusions

Ahmet Sel is at Pi Artworks Galatasaray with his solo exhibition “Oriental Illusions” between the dates December 15th 2011 – February 12th 2012. Ahmet Sel’s photography series “Oriental Illusions” investigates the west’s orientalist gaze rooted in the past with reference to its relevance today and in so doing reflects on our subconscious at present. Tellaks, […]

Pi Artworks Tophane, Istanbul: Besides

Pi Artworks Tophane Besides Çınar ESLEK from 2011-11-10 till  2011-12-25 Çınar Eslek is at Pi Artworks Tophane with her solo exhibiton, “Besides”,  in between the dates November 10th – December 25th 2011. “Besides” form around a video, paintings and photographs. In this exhibition, Eslek departs from two dialectic concepts: breeding and decay.

Pi Artworks Galatasaray: ISTANBUL

Susan Hefuna, Cityscape Istanbul, 2011. Ink on Paper, 18,5 x 13,5cm. Susan Hefuna Istanbul 14 September–30 October 2011 Opening: 14 September, Wednesday, 19:00      Pi Artworks Galatasaray hosts artist Susan Hefuna “Istanbul” solo exhibition. This will be Hefuna’s first appearance at Istanbul. Susan Hefuna’s work reflects experiences in-between cultures, dealing with cross-cultural codes; she […]

Pi Artworks Tophane, Istanbul: Unstable Repetition

Volkan Aslan 10.09.2011 – 30.10.2011 Pi Artworks Tophane hosts Volkan Aslans solo exhibition Unstable Repetition between the dates September 10th – October 30th, 2011. Volkan Aslan constructs “Unstable Repetition”, through drawings created by using various templates that could serve many different functions.  In this exhibition, Aslan uses these templates to re-construct public and private spaces […]