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Pg Art Gallery: More Than One!

More Than One! / Jak Baruh December 10, 2013 – January 12, 2014 Pg Art Gallery is presenting its newest exhibition, “More than One!” by Jack Baruh, between December 10, 2013 and January 12, 2014. Baruh is showing collage works made from photographs he has taken in various locations. Delving into the relationship between digital […]

PG Art Gallery: Circus

Circus / Kerem Ozan Bayraktar October 3 – November 3, 2013 Kerem Ozan Bayraktar will present a selection of his works produced using 3D rendering software in an exhibition titled “Circus” between October 3 and November 3, 2013. “Circus” is a show about spectacle, closed systems and dance.  The artist, who has been working on […]

Pg Art Gallery, Istanbul: I DO

I do / Peggy Atherton, Maria Bartolo, Annie Davey, Dolanbay, Ben Joiner, Natasha Kidd, Pete Owen, Raine Smith, Kerry Stewart April 12 – May 12 2013 In his 1955 series of lectures “How to do things with words” J. L. Austin proclaimed that certain expressions of speech are not simply descriptive or a statement of […]

Pg Art Gallery, Istanbul: Spare parts

Spare parts / Hale Güngör Oppenheimer March 1 – April 7 2013 Pg Art Gallery is proud to present a solo show, ‘Spare parts’ by Hale Güngör Oppenheimer on March 1 – April 7. Having spent about half of her lifetime outside her home country, not speaking her mother tongue, and holding the status of […]

Pg Art Gallery: Candaş Şişman/ 01

Candaş Şişman December 7 2012 – January 30 2013 Pg Art Gallery is proud to present a solo show, ‘01’ by Candaş Şişman. Candaş Şişman takes a non-conventional approach to the perception of time, space and movement of the viewer in these works through the use of utilizing digital and mechanical technologies. The artist who […]

Pg Art Gallery, Istanbul: KNOT

KNOT/ Devran Mursaloğlu May 22 – June 20, 2012 Pg Art Gallery is proud to present a solo show, ‘knot’ by Devran Mursaloğlu. Mursaloğlu’s works, composed of paper strings, encounter us as a three-dimensional visualization of present-day social, economic and artistic systems and thought structures. Mursaloğlu’s installations feature scattered, heterogeneous and arbitrarily composed webs, rather […]

Pg Art Gallery, Istanbul: WHEN WE WERE LITTLE

WHEN WE WERE LITTLE / Ayşe Wilson April 12 – May 13, 2012 Ayşe Wilson’s second solo exhibition in İstanbul is now on display at the PG Art Gallery. The allure of Wilson’s paintings, which caught the attention of art-lovers in Turkey with her exhibition “Baby Swimmers” in 2007, stems from the optimism and vital […]

Pg Art Gallery, Istanbul: A GLANCE AT THE METROPOLIS

Jak Baruh A GLANCE AT THE METROPOLIS March 14 – April 8, 2012 Jak Baruh is greeting art-lovers with his new solo show ‘Looking at the Metropolis’ at the PG Art Gallery. Behind the glorious appearances of the world’s most influential metropolises and amidst the commotion that prevails within them, there exist chaotic masses of […]


THIRTEENTHOUSANDONEHUNDREDANDFORTY / Füruzan Şimşek December 20 2011 – January 21 2012 “Sipping her coffee and taking her vitamins and anti-depressants, checking the pepper-spray in her bag and stroking her pet, one hurls herself into the daily routine with the power bestowed by medication. What’s on her mind? What does her memory hide? It’s her city […]