Art news from ‘Oleksandr Korol’

Ya Gallery, Dnipropetrovsk: NOIR

Noir. Oleksandr Korol 25.04 – 08.06.13 Noir is Oleksandr Korol's second personal exhibition in Ya Gallery, Dnipropetrovsk. Without attempting to provide answers to any questions, the artist puts the main hero of the project – the Person who Draws – on the front line. Like a mummy from a 1990s

Ya Gallery Art Center, Kiev: Deus Ex Machina

Flowers and Bones, 2011, canvas, acryl, spra 17.01 – 26.02.12 Deus Ex Machina. Oleksandr Korol Ya Gallery Art Center at 17 Husenko Str. In the history of ancient Greek theatre Deus Ex Machina (Latin: "God out of the machine") is a trick performed with the help of a mechanism with a hook for the god-actor […]