Art news from ‘Oleksandr Kadnikov’

Ya Gallery Art Center, Kiev: Prism Tranquility

Prism Tranquility. Oleksandr Kadnikov 11.06 – 29.06.13 PREMATURE FALL, from series CRIMEARUBBER, 2010, digital print Ya Gallery Art Center presents new Oleksandr Kadnikov’s project Prism Tranquility as part of Vizii: International Visual Culture Festival. The photo project consists of works created in 2005-2013 and

Ya Gallery, Kiev: The Rake

Heat 6, from series Rake, 2011, digital print Oleksandr Kadnikov The Rake 16.05 – 06.06.12 Kadnikov's method is original in a way that it is an installation frozen in photography. Instead of capturing a ready plot from the surrounding, the author constructs it himself, sculpts if from objects and symbols familiar to all the successors […]

Ya Gallery, Kiev: The Rake

Oleksandr Kadnikov, Sandwich-nostalgia, 2009 Ya Gallery art centre in Dnipropetrovsk 02.03 – 14.04.12 The Rake. Oleksandr Kadnikov Rake. In no search for truth. [everyone chooses their own version depending on one's education and experience] Variant #1 Law of large numbers states: optimism multiplied by locality is no longer accidental. Our life is what's left in […]