Art news from ‘NO Gallery’

MSU, Zagreb: Only posters

Boris Ljuičić Samo plakati / Only posters 12.07.2013 – 25.08.2013 MSU, NO Galerija Av. Dubrovnik 17, Zagreb Copyright 2010 MSU Zagreb

NO Gallery, Zagreb: Sound [In]Formation

Sound [In]Formation NO gallery 04/05/2013 – 04/13/2013 In the catalogue for his noteworthy exhibition, When Attitudes Become Form (1969) Ha-rald Szeemann stated, “In order to entertain certain ideas we may be obliged to abandon others upon which we have come to depend.” As sentient beings, we

MSU NO Gallery, Zagreb: Inhabitants of generic places

11/04/2011 – 11/20/2011 Igor Eškinja: Inhabitants of generic places MSU, NO Gallery, Zagreb Opening: Friday, November, 4th Kustoski tim: Heike Eipeldauer i Annemarie Türk Koordinator: Tihomir Milovac KULTURKONTAKT/Austria „Igor Eškinja’s works engender a sense of profound visual irritation.They do this by confronting beholders with both the potential and the limits of their perception, a phenomenon […]