Art news from ‘Nev Gallery’

Nev Gallery, Istanbul: NOW

Selçuk Demirel Şimdi | Now 04.04.2014 – 03.05.2014       Opening : 04.04.2014, 18:00

Nev Gallery, Istanbul: Traces of This World

Ani Çelik Arevyan Traces of This World | Bu Dünyaya Ait İzler 10.01.2014 – 08.02.2014  ANİ ÇELİK AREVYAN’S LATEST SOLO EXHIBITION “TRACES OF THIS WORLD” OPENS AT GALERİ NEV İSTANBUL Ani Çelik Arevyan’s latest photograph series “Traces of This World” can be seen at Galeri Nev İstanbul opening on January 10. Arevyan’s third solo exhibition […]

NEV Gallery, Istanbul: Nursing Modern Fall

İnci Eviner Nursing Modern Fall  06.12.2013 – 04.01.2014 Opening : 06.12.2013, 18:00