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Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest: EGON SCHIELE and His Age

EGON SCHIELE and His Age 26 June 2013 – 29 September 2013 ©Self Portrait with Chinese Lantern Plant, 1912 Leopold Museum, Vienna The Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, by way of a continuation of its exhibition presenting Gustav Klimt and the early Secession offers an insight into the work of the most outstanding artist of […]

Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest: Helmut Newton 1920 – 2004

Helmut Newton 1920 – 2004 4 April 2013 – 14 July 2013 Ionic and Pergamum Galleries Curator: Péter Baki Continuing the highly successful tradition of the past years, in the spring of 2013 the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest is again staging a photographic exhibition. The show

Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest: Hands-on Art for All

Hands-on Art for All In Each Other’s Hand 2 May 2013 – 26 May 2013 Szabó Edit: Róka Organised in conjunction with the Kézzelfogható Foundation and linked to the European Equal Opportunities Day, the Museum of Fine Arts will host a hands-on exhibition, a conference and interactive creative workshops. The special exhibition,

Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest: Openness and Integration

Openness and Integration – Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition 10 August 2012 – 9 September 2012 In summer 2012 the Museum of Fine Arts will turn its attention East to provide an insight into the contemporary art of the most dynamically developing country in Asia, namely China. The exhibition to showcase the most diverse techniques and […]

Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest: ST. GALLEN ADVENTURES

ST. GALLEN ADVENTURES – HARTUNG, TÀPIES, UECKER AND THE ERKER PHENOMENON 21 March 2012 – 1 July 2012 There are certain places in the world where at a given time events become concentrated in an extraordinary way and as such are able to write themselves into the history of the world as venues of significant […]

Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest: OSAS PLUS

OSAS PLUS in the Vasarely Museum 25 January 2012 – 1 May 2012 The artists who founded the Open Structures Art Society organized their first introductory exhibition in 2006 at the Vasarely Museum in Budapest. Three years later, a second exhibition was held at the same venue featuring new works and sketches by Society members, […]

Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest: Sándor Hollán

Sándor Hollán 30 November 2011 – 5 February 2012 In the period after this he retreated to the countryside for several months of each year to immerse himself in nature and spend his time in contemplation, drawing and painting. From this time onwards his main motif has been the tree, which he generally approaches in […]

Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest: EL GRECO TO RIPPL-RÓNAI

EL GRECO TO RIPPL-RÓNAI Marcell Nemes, Art Patron and Collector 26 October 2011 – 19 February 2012 Marcell Jánoshalmi Nemes (1866-1930) was one of the most significant art collectors in early twentieth-century Hungary, as well as one of its most contradictory figures, whose extensive activities as both an art patron and collector became legendary during […]

Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest: Seamstresses Listen to Hitler’s Speech (1960)

László Lakner: Seamstresses Listen to Hitler's Speech (1960) 30 June 2011 – 8 January 2012 The Museum of Fine Arts is holding a special showcase exhibition to celebrate the seventy-fifth birthday of the Hungarian art world's "classicist of the avant-garde", long-term Berlin resident László Lakner: his early masterpiece Seamstresses Listen to Hitler's Speech (1960) – […]