Art news from ‘MOCAK – Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow’


Popes 27.06.2014 – 14.09.2014 Rafał Bujnowski, //The Pope//, 2002, oil / canvas, The MOCAK CollectionZofia Rydet, //Presence//, 1982-1984, photograph, Zofia Rydet FoundationRafał Bujnowski, //Last saved//,  2004-2005, object, The MOCAK CollectionVolker Hildebrandt, //Popes//, 2008, photograph, The MOCAK CollectionIgor Omulecji, //JPII//, 2010-2013, photograph, Artist propertyIgor Omulecji, //JPII//, 2010-2013, photograph, Artist propertyIgor Omulecji, JPII, 2010-2013, photograph, Artist property […]

MOCAK, Krakow: Posters – Poems

Ryszard Krynicki Posters – poems 26.06.2013 – 31.08.2013 The MOCAK Library would like to invite you to the exhibition Posters – Poems, a display of Ryszard Krynicki’s poetic posters. These so-called ‘museums of poems’ were arranged by the author himself to present his personal anthology.

MOCAK, Krakow: Economics in Art

Economics in Art 17.05.2013 – 29.09.2013 The Krasnals. Whielki Krasnal, Piramida zwierząt / na podstawie pracy Katarzyny Kozyry, 2008, olej oil on canvas, 92 x 65 cm. Courtesy of The Krasnals. Economics in Art is the third in the series of exhibitions presented by MOCAK the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow to relate art […]

Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow: Temptress

Charlotte Beaudry Temptress 26.06.2013 – 29.09.2013 Venue: Beta Gallery   Charlotte Beaudry : Untitled (dionée), 2012 huile sur toile / olieverf op doek / oil on canvas 200 X 180 cm At Charlotte Beaudry’s solo exhibition there will be more than a dozen paintings as well as sculpture and video works. The paintings are of […]

MOCAK, Krakow: Beyond Corrupted Eye Akumulatory 2 Gallery, 1972–1990

Beyond Corrupted Eye Akumulatory 2 Gallery, 1972–1990 15.02.2013 – 28.04.2013 This exhibition, previously shown at the Zachęta National Gallery in Warsaw, attempts to present the history of Galeria Akumulatory 2 in Poznań – a place that for the eighteen

MOCAK, Krakow: Everything Forever Now

Everything Forever Now. Polish and British Sustainable Design 15.02.2013 – 28.04.2013 Solar Sinter, 2011, design by Markus Kayser; Solar Sinter, Sahara Desert, Siwa, Egypt, photo: Amos Field Reid The exhibition presents the works of designers who have set out to search for the ways to save the planet by focusing on the promotion of self-sufficient […]

MOCAK, Krakow: Utopian Design

Piotr Blamowski Utopian Design 15.02.2013 – 28.04.2013 Venue: Gallery Alfa Curator of the exhibition: Delfina Piekarska Piotr Blamowski’s exhibitions will be presented in two galleries at MOCAK. In Alfa Gallery, utilitarian and decorative objects will be exhibited, including an eclectic bench,

MOCAK, Krakow: Obsessive Scenes

Piotr Blamowski Obsessive Scenes 15.02.2013 – 28.04.2013 design-generation XXI, 2010, video Venue: Gallery Beta Curator of the exhibition: Maria Anna Potocka Piotr Blamowski also makes videos. In Beta Gallery a collection of short art films by the design-generation group will be shown. The films evoke places in the cultural


Marek Chlanda Transit Curator: Katarzyna Wąs 17.02.2012 – 29.04.2012 Transit, the exhibition of the work of Marek Chlanda, a Polish sculptor and graphic artist, presents over a hundred of his works – paintings and sculptures which combine into four well-meshed sequences. Dark visions create a cycle without a consistent narrative, creating a feeling of disquiet […]

MOCAK, Beta Gallery, Krakow: All the World’s Women Are in Me!

09.11.2011-29.01.2012 Exhibition place: MOCAK, Beta Gallery Author: Ane Lan Curator: Maria Anna Potocka Curator assistant: Delfina Piekarska All the World's Women Are in Me! is a male edition of a feminist exhibition. It shows woman's presence in the world, her versatility and her ability to adapt to all circumstances. The exhibition highlights commonly prevailing stereotypes […]

MOCAK, Krakow: Viennese Actionism: The Opposite Pole of Society

09.11.2011-29.01.2012 Exhibition place: MOCAK Author: group exibition Curator: Stanislaw Ruksza Coordinator: Delfina Piekarska The exhibition Viennese Actionism: The Opposite Pole of Society presents works from the collection of the Essl Museum in Austria. The title of the exhibition was inspired by the statement from a Viennese Actionist, Otto Muehl: ‘In my actions, I started off […]