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Merkur Gallery: La-Vi-Da LAVIDA FAKE

ŞEVKET SÖNMEZ La-Vi-Da LAVIDA FAKE 28-10-2013 – 20-11-2013 Sevket Sonmez debuts his new solo exhibition, 'La-Vi-Da Lavida Fake' implementing a wide range of elements in his conceptual framework and artistic technique. While wandering among calligraphy, storytelling and images of popular and official culture, he carries his dynamic style of painting to an extreme point, moving […]


MIXED EXHIBITION/ KARMA SERGİ MERKUR Palmarina / Bodrum 31.07-2013 – 31.08-2013 ŞEVKET SÖNMEZ, Kağıt Üzerine Karışık Teknik , 150 x 1800 cm, 2013 EBRU DÖŞEKÇİ, Polyester, 115×40 x 38 cm, 2012

Merkur Gallery, Istanbul: PULSE

DUYGU SUZEN PULSE 05 March 2013 – 30 March 2013 MERKUR is delighted to announce the upcoming exhibition of its young artist, Duygu Süzen between the dates of 05 March 2013 – 30 March 2013  . The solo exhibition entitled “Pulse” will showcase the works which generate the relation of figure and nature and take […]

Galerie Merkur: HIDDEN GODDESS

HALIM AL KARIM HIDDEN GODDESS 8 October – 5 November 2012 XVA Gallery Dubai and Galerie Merkur, Istanbul; are delighted to announce the upcoming exhibition of Iraqi-born artist, Halim Al Karim to be hosted by Galerie Merkur. Opening on October 8th 2012, and running until 5th of November 2012, the exhibition entitled ‘Hidden’ will showcase […]

Merkur Gallery, Istanbul: CIN ALI, AT THE EXHIBITION

Plane, 140x175cm. Cloth labels pinned and painted on Fabric. 2012 MERKUR HOSTS SABIRE SUSUZ WITH HER NEW EXHIBITION “CIN ALI, AT THE EXHIBITION”… 09 May – 31 May 2012 Sabire Susuz representing artist by Merkur, opens her new exhibition titled “Cin Ali, at the exhibition” which includes her new works,  between 9th – 29th of […]

Merkur Art Gallery, Istanbul: My Cities

Larisa Bolshakova My Cities 01 May – 08 May 2012 Merkur Art Gallery Mim Kemal Oke Cad. Erenler Apt. No: 12 D: 2 Nisantasi – Istanbul Monday – Saturday 10:00 am – 19:00 pm

Merkur Gallery, Istanbul: IDENTITY

Untitled Detail. 225x160cm. Oil. Acrylic. Plexi. 2012 12 March – 31 March 2012 Ercan Akin Identity From 12 to 31 March 2012, MERKUR will present the young artist Ercan Akın’s second personal exhibition titled IDENTITY with art lovers. Ercan Akın is aiming to display an individual’s sense of ownership; the places of statue symbols in […]

Merkur Art Gallery, Istanbul: REMEMBER

Ebru Dosekci, Love, 115x115x27cm. Polyester. 2011 07 February – 07 March 2012 Ebru Dosekci REMEMBER sculpture exhibition "Remember", the artist's third solo exhibition will feature nine pieces of sculpture work. Using simple, calm and plain forms which do not tire the viewers in her sculptures, the artist chooses the materials and colors depending on which […]

Merkur Gallery, Istanbul: CHAOTIC MARKS

CHAOTIC MARKS 6-28 JANUARY 2012 EZGI DEMIREL, IPEK INAL and YESIM SAHIN will be presenting their works in the early days of new year with ‘CHAOTIC MARKS’ exhibition in MERKUR. Denizhan Ozer will be the curator of this exhibition which will be between 6-28 JANUARY 2012, artists semtinize the colourfullness and chotic sides of routine […]

Merkur Gallery, Istanbul: BOMONTI

Oven, 125×166 cm, C-Print + Diasec. 2011 Ziya Tacir WILL BE EXHIBITING IN MERKUR BETWEEN 8 DECEMBER 2011- 2 JANUARY 2012 WITH HIS PHOTOGRAPH EXHIBITION  NAMED BOMONTI. Ziya Tacir includes, inner and outside of structures that has architectural importance, views from today’s metropole provides, industrial and production compony displays in his works. Starting point of […]

Merkur Art Gallery, Istanbul: DISCIPLINE FACTORY

“DISCIPLINE FACTORY” SEÇKİN PİRİM BETWEEN THE DATES 05 December – 27 December 2011 IN BORUSAN’S MUSIC HOUSE… Seçkin Pirim’s recent epoch sculpture works named “Discipline Factory” will be on display between the dates 6-27 December with the sponsorship of Borusan Culture Art’s place in Borusan Music House.  Between the same dates, in MERKUR, produced paper […]

Merkur Art Gallery, Istanbul: Fairy Tales from Artist

Bedri Baykam     Fairy Tales from Artist 16 November – 05 December 2011 Bedri Baykam will exhibit his latest works on canvas that he produced in 2011 in MERKUR between the dates November 16th – December 15th. His latest works  does not necessaryly look for a subject cohesiveness. Among artist’s usual inspirations are things such […]