Art news from ‘Krobath Gallery’

Krobath Gallery, Vienna: Esther Stocker

Esther Stocker 10.04.–01.06.2013 Esther Stocker’s modernist form language manifests itself in a variety of artistic media, addressing a theme that dates back to the abstraction of painting in the early 20th

Galerie Krobath, Vienna: Maria Hahnenkamp, Fragments of Body Ornamentation

Maria Hahnenkamp 10.11.2012–09.01.2013  Fragments of Body Ornamentation On the works of Maria Hahnenkamp Maria Hahnenkamp’s works form a dialectic link between a female-coded body language of absence, expressed through graphic reduction, and the traditional ornamentation of art history, which addresses power structures within gender-specific issues.

Krobath Gallery, Vienna: Otto Zitko

Exhibition view, Krobath, Photography: Lisa Rastl Otto Zitko 14.09.–22.12.2011 Otto Zitko’s art ingrains itself onto the mind of the viewer – each and every one of them. Because in Zitko’s works seemingly chaotic lines dart across the surface and merge, twist and tangle to form images. These images contain the same qualities that Jean-Luc Godard […]