Art news from ‘Kristian Kožul’

Lauba House: Kristian Kožul, Misinterpretations, 16/10 – 30/11-2012

16/10 – 30/11-2012  The opening of Misinterpretations: 16/10/2012, at 20.00 pm. Artist talk: Kristian Kožul, Vanja Žanko, Jasna Jakšić How many times did Franjo Tuđman and Slobodan Milošević draw new maps of Croatia and the then fragmented Yugoslavia, dividing Bosnia and Herzegovina? Did they also, on those incriminating napkins, foresee the humane relocation of the […]

Lauba House, Zagreb: Ringišpil #8

Non permanent exhibition of the Filip Trade Collection / Ringišpil #8 01.06.2012 – 01.09.2012 Choosing a new summer exhibition of works in Lauba will delight all visitors who peek into our house. Valuable design team in Lauba space set you a little maze in which you would want to keep as long as you want […]