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Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdańsk: S.T.R.H. (Stones That Rest Heavily)

Konrad Smoleński S.T.R.H. (Stones That Rest Heavily) 21.06.2013 – 18.08.2013 Konrad Smoleński "S.T.R.H. (Stones That Rest Heavily)", 2013, photo: Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art A solo exhibition from Konrad Smoleński is opening at The Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA), in Gdańsk. Smoleński represents Poland at the 55th Venice Biennale, until the 11th of November […]

Konrad Smolenski’s Sound Bombing Opens the 2012 Paris Triennale

Konrad Smolenski's Sound Bombing Opens the 2012 Paris Triennale Agnieszka Le Nart  PARIS,  19.04.2012 – 22.04.2012 The Polish artist drives through the streets of Paris with his Live Musical Installation, challenging the audio threshold with high-intensity electro-mechanical noise. The performance ushers in the ambitious Intense Proximity programme of the third edition of the Paris Triennale […]

Galeria Leto (Soho Factory), Warsaw: It’s On

Konrad Smoleński, It's Bigger than Me, installation (2012). Source: Leto Gallery 27.03 — 21.04. 2012 Konrad Smoleński — IT'S ON text: Vincent Ramos, Boss Angeles, 2012   If You’re The Fifth Caller Or Any Caller At All: Konrad Smolenski Is Alive, Alive!   Last Tuesday morning I sat in Maxwell’s Café in Los Angeles waiting […]