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Knoll Galéria Budapest: This is not a war

Csaba Nemes: This is not a war: 11 April – 1 June 2013 Csaba Nemes, This is not a war. Photo of M.D. Ainsworth The caracteristics of the new graphical series of Csaba Nemes are humor and the surprising visual solutions. His works are montage-like, both the ones depicting urban, public sorroundings and the ones […]

Knoll Garléria Budapest: This is not a war

Csaba Nemes: This is not a war 11. April – 1. June 2013 Nemes Csaba: The Silence of Wenders is Overrated I., 2012, vegyes technika/papír, 50×50 cm Knoll Garléria Budapest Liszt Ferenc tér 10 1061 Budapest Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday 2 – 6.30 p.m., Saturday 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Knoll Galeria, Budapest: Katarina Šević-Raft Stage

Pendant, 2012, object (wood, shellac, chain), 50x35x3 cm 13. September – 10. November 2012.  The exhibition, with its enigmatic and poetic title Raft Stage manifests the result of several years' progress. The artist herself defines the installation as a „property-room of a lost stage“, consisting of spatial constructions, costumes, objects and photos. Every one of […]

Knoll Garléria Budapest: Russian Renaissance 2.0

Polina Kanis: Eggs, video-installáció, 2010 Russian Renaissance 2.0 14 June – 28. July 2012. Participating artists: Alexander Brener-Barbara Schurz, Ivan Gorshkov, Polina Kanis, Viktoria Lomasko, PG-Group, Victor Ribas Curators: Vasilina Verdi – Hans Knoll According to the eminent literary critic Dmitry Likhachev, the Russian Renaissance “was only prepared, but for some reasons weren't materialized in […]

Knoll Galéria Budapest: Why always me?

Paul Horn: Pulpit 4, mixed media installation, 70x30x20 cm, 2011 Paul Horn: Why always me? 17. November 2011 – 21. January 2012 Why always me? A question everybody has asked eventually his or herself after an unpredictable experience. But for Paul Horn, an austrian based artist working with various media, this question doesn’t mean an […]