Art news from ‘Klenová’

Galerie Klatovy, Klenová: ISRAEL – THE PROMISED LAND

Jan Sekal / ISRAEL – THE PROMISED LAND BURGRAVE’S HOUSE AT KLENOVÁ CASTLE Photographs from Izrael 7 April – 30 June 2013 Five years after his exhibition of 50 images of Israel, Jan Sekal presents a new set of photographs on the same subject. The Promised Land consists of 12 sections of ten photographs each, […]

White Unicorn Gallery, Klatovy: Transformations of the Earth

Miroslav Pacner / Transformations of the Earth White Unicorn Gallery in Klatovy 6 April – 16 June 2013 Retrospective 1964 – 2012   This retrospective exhibition of works by Miroslav Pacner, a native of nearby Janovice nad Úhlavou, presents the artist’s works from the years 1964–2012. Pacner is the author of numerous paintings and relief […]

Galerie Klatovy / Klenová: Power of three

Power of three / Maupicová, Šimíček, Véla Chateau Klenová 7 April – 9 June 2013 These three young artists are brought together by having studied at Prague’s Academy of Fine Arts and their common tendency to abandon the certainties acquired during their art education. Under the pressure of personal experience, fields as diverse as

Galerie Klatovy / Klenová: Cesta 2013

Cesta 2013 / 10th annual survey of works by students of after-school arts programs in the Pilsen Region Klenová Granary 7 April – 19 May 2013 As in past years, the 10th annual survey of after-school arts programs in the Pilsen Region is being held in the exhibitions spaces of the former granary at Klenová. […]