Art news from ‘KIOSK’


In the frame of KIOSK project / SPACES (sustainable public areas for culture in eastern countries), Oberliht Association invites culture, youth organizations and artists from Moldova to submit proposals for art projects / works / messages to be presented/hang out at FLAT SPACE. We are willing to support your project, intervention and/or activity by offering […]


Ewa RUDNICKA: Warsaw Public public presentation: September 4, 2013, 6 pm location: Zpace (Casa Zemstvei Guberniale) Sciusev St. 103, Chisinau In my presentation I will speak about: – Architectural installations in Warsaw and Cracow. – My inspirations and my way of working. – Practice in scale 1:1 as an important part of evolution of every […]

SPACES/CHIOȘC/K.A.I.R., Chisinau: If you don’t need it | Red line

Michal Moravčík / Jana Kapelová / Public Pedestal “если вам не нужны / красная линия“ (If you don’t need it / Red line) screening: Monday, July 29, 2013, 9 pm intersection of Ismail str. with Cantemir Bd., Chisinau If you don’t need it / Red line The project by Jana Kapelová and Michal Moravčík is […]

SPACES/CHIOȘC/K.A.I.R., Chisinau: If you don’t need it

Michal Moravčík / Jana Kapelová / Public Pedestal presentation: July 26-27, 2013, 2pm-7pm “If you don’t need it“ The collective project by Jana Kapelová and Michal Moravčík titled “если вам не нужны” (“If you don’t need it”) is  an investigation into the old – original “Balkan” part of the  city center of Chisinau, which will […]

KIOSK, Chisinau: Michal Moravčík / Jana Kapelová / Public Pedestal

Michal Moravčík / Jana Kapelová / Public Pedestal public presentation: July 9, 2013, 18:00 location: Casa Zemstvei Guberniale str. Șciusev 103, Chisinau You are welcome to attend the presentation of Michal Moravčík and Jana Kapelová who will speak about their individual artistic practices and will also make reference to their works in public space in […]


FROM THE ABYSS TO THE WIDE OPEN — THE PERFORMANCE OF PHOTOGRAPHY period: July 9-12, 2013, 14:00-18:00 location: Casa Zemstvei Guberniale str. Șciusev 103, Chisinau «From the Abyss to the Wide Open – Photographic Act, Performance and Supreme Fullness» continues the artistic work «Nature in Abyss» initiated in 2009. It is a life long research […]

Kickstarter campaign for Aesthletics in Moldova

Aesthletics is coming to Moldova to research contemporary sport practice and to create and perform new sports Sport Invention workshop at Cologne Media Academy AESTHLETICS IN MOLDOVA In August 2013, I will collaborate with the Chiosc and the Oberliht Young Artists Association in Chisinau to research Moldovan sport culture, and to invent and perform new […]

KIOSK, Chisinau: Collective Drawing

Collective Drawing perfomance by Ana Nobre invitation to trace lines in the square with the help of the body and of the cars B68 – free zone /art space 31 mai 2013, ora 6:00 am – 6:00 pm str. București 68/1, Chișinău

Galéria HIT, Bratislava: KIOSK exhibition

Ștefan RUSU, Flat Space – model, 2008 CHIOȘC/KIOSK exhibition Galéria HIT, Bratislava April 17 – May 10, 2013 April 17, 2013, 6pm – opening Eternal Play 2012, a film by Paula DURINOVA – screening April 17, 2013, 8pm

K.A.I.R./CHIOSC: Vadim Tziganasj- presentation @AMTAP, 19 december 2012

Vadim Tziganasj will talk about his artistic experience during his residency in the frame of K.A.I.R. – Kosice Artist in Residence in may – july 2012. Vadim Tziganasj is a controller, art-alchemist, an off-spring of the dead-end young generation of the 2000s. He is interested working in the fields of animation, video, poetry and comix. […]

Democracy in the city – workshop, 16.12.2012

DEMOCRACY IN THE CITY – workshop December 16, 2012, 12-18:00 location: Spălătorie Theatre M. Eminescu street, no 72, Chisinau Oberliht Association invites everybody to take part in our workshop DEMOCRACY IN THE CITY on the 16th of December 2012. A workshop that explores the definitions of public space, alternative ways for using it and to […]

SPACES: DEMOLITION – call for films / videos

SPACES: DEMOLITION – call for films / videos In the frame of SPACES project / KIOSK residency program, between August 17 – September 1, 2012 Oberliht Association will host in Chisinau three architects’ collectives from Brno (Czech Republic), Tbilisi (Georgia) and Bucharest (Romania). An open air cinema will be installed next to FLAT SPACE ( […]

SPACES, Chisinau: documentary film screening – FLAT SPACE

FLAT SPACE – short documentary film screening 68/1 str. Bucuresti, Chisinau Thursday, June 21, 2012, 9 pm THE SECRET OF ONE SWIMMING POOL dir: Andrea Kalinová 2006 / Slovakia / 25 min In 1942, a swimming pool was constructed under the Bratislava castle rock, however, it was never really used. Why was the pool never […]

Launch of KIOSK catalogue followed by a film screening

KIOSK catalogue – launch The entrance hall of Cultural Department of Chisinau (behind Licurici  Theatre) 68 str. Bucuresti, Chisinau Thursday, April 26, 2012, 5 pm You are invited to the lauch of the KIOSK catalogue that comprises the  actions organized between 2007-2010 in the frame of KIOSC project –  cultural information point / public platform […]

SPACES: artist talk – Paula DURINOVA

Presentation by Paula Durinova, K.A.I.R/KIOSK artist in residency program participant in the frame of SPACES project Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts, Chisinau Multimedia Department, room 114 str. Al Mateevici 111, Chisinau Wednesday, April 25, 2012, 4 pm You are invited to attend the presentation by Paula Durinova, during  which the role of documentary […]

Rondo Sztuki Galeria, Katowice: Chiosc / Kiosk

CHIOȘC / KIOSK exhibition with participating artists: Tonka Maleković [HR] & Ion Fisticanu [MD], Pawel Mendrek [PL] and Ewa Zasada [PL], Krystyna Nikiel [PL], Łukasz Obałek [PL], Jarek Sedlak [CZ], Bartek Skrzyczek [PL], Lesław Tetla [PL], Vladimir Us [MD], Kasia Wolny [PL], Joanna Zdzienicka [PL] 15/12/2011 – 05/01/2012 curators: Leslaw Tetla [PL], Vladimir Us [MD] […]

KIOSK, Chisinau: Michal Holy – exhibition

KIOSK – artist in residency program Vladimir Us – curator 30 november 2011, 18h ARThotel str. Gh. Asachi 53/1, lit. “A”, Chisinau program: 30.11.2011 – 10.02.2012 tuesday – friday, 14:00 – 18:00 Michal Holy is in Chisinau since September 9, 2011, where he takes  part in KIOSK artist in residency program.