Art news from ‘Jurga Barilaitė’

Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius: Lithuanian Art 2012: 18 Exhibitions

Robertas Narkus & Milda Zabarauskaitė. I Spent 7 Years in My Uncle’s Home as a Servant. 2011 Lithuanian Art 2012: 18 Exhibitions 2012.VI.22 – VIII.12 Chance Number Six: Red Herring Collector Evening with Doctor Sheppard Generation of the Place Level B Mediations Messengers Now More Than Ever Phonography for the Exhibition

Vartai Gallery: Show It

The VARTAI gallery invites you to the opening of the exhibition Show It by the interdisciplinary artist Jurga Barilaitė on April 18 at 6 p.m. Show It is the final stage in the project Unfinished Works which was begun in 2009. The project refers to the state of uncertainty that has befallen the artists of […]

Vartai Gallery, Vilnius: SHOW IT

PARODYK / SHOW IT. JURGA BARILAITĖ 18 April – 26 May 2012 April 18, 6 p. m., VARTAI gallery will open the show of Jurga Barilaitė titled “Parodyk” (“Show It”). The goal of the exhibition is to sum up the state in which the artist has been living for the past few years – the […]